Last Word Game


Long!! Who remembers longman


Longman textbooks were dope back then, do they still exist?


Exist…hmmm. Talking of Ugo. C. Ugo’s books, I doubt if the present generation makes use of them.


Them Generation Z kids missed a lot!


Lot of things they don’t even know or play with in this present time.


Time waits for no man, they say.


Say you love me baby


Baby I love you


You just made me get hard with the sound of your voice baby


Baby, baby, baby


Baby, oh Baby, kiss me. Take my breath away with your kisses


Kisses? Amma smother you with kisses


Kisses from the right one is soothing.


Soothing enough to melt the Heart.


Heart you so much or I heart you, are sentences I’ve been seeing ladies use in place of I love you…what’s going on abeg?:confused:


Abeg, some Nigerians like trendy things, even things that they don’t know it’s meaning or use.


Use slangs and don’t bother to find out if it makes sense or not. I taya for dem


Dem nor even send you at all.


All of them are the lazy yoots buhari was talking about.


About Buhari ehn, just leave him to console himself for being the Lazy one.