Last Word Game


One of the reasons I don’t blame him too much is because we gave him the power to sit down there to tag youths lazy when he ought to be retired at his age.


Age is really telling on him.


Him is baba for running mouth anyhow


Anyhow is how he has signed a terrible agreement with the orange man. Nigerians get ready for more health problems. Importation of US agricultural products!


Products of the past generation’s silence, greed,and hypocritism is what we the present generations are facing today, later they’ll argue that slavery is not a choice.


Choice? I think I just made my final decision about this


This is the issue, it’s an argument that seems to have no ending.


Endings are either good or bad. To be on the safe side, get your PVC and your Visa


Visa? Why? Am I been chased from my country? They should know that without people there isn’t going to be any existence of a country. We even deserve some accolades for making Nigeria a sovereign state.


State that is a failed one already you mean?


Mean response from a residential citizen.


Citizen of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.


Nigeria is a blessed country.


Country people! Please put in the work required for success this week. God is always ready to bless the works of our hands


Hands on deck… We must fight for what is ours.


Ours?? In this country? or what you are given


Given in the sense that it came from God.


God is able.


Able to do immeasurably more.


More than we can ever think.