Last Word Game


Think or ask!!! Amen!!!


Amen means it’s settled.


Settled by God means no cause for worries.


Worries are far gone in my history.


History or Geography? That’s how they asked us to choose one in Ss1. Well, I chose Geography.


Geography, a subject I loved in the beginning but was stopped cus of my class department. I later thanked God that I was stopped from offering it as the notes later on, wasn’t something to write home about. :joy:


…about geography, I would have picked history over it because the D I’m seeing in my result for that geography is still pissing me off…


Off point… I think what I’m about to write now no just follow, but who cares?


Cares about whether it follows or not shouldn’t be a big deal, after all it’s just a game.


Game that has no end


End of discussion.


Discussion continues…


Continues with interactive comments.


Comments about tiwa savage dating wizkid are hilarious, who cares who she’s dating?


Dating in this regard has no age limit, or does it?


It isn’t supposed to be anyone’s business anyway.


Anyway, let’s focus on our lives.


Lives of farmers are not sacred to cattle readers. They prefer that of their cattles


Cattles are domesticated bovine animals


Animal kingdom, as popular as this book was, I never read it.