Last Word Game


It’s been a long time since I opened this platform. Everything feels so different


Different in a good way, yeah?


Yeah!! I got an upgrade


Yes yes


Yes! I am beautiful. Wake up each day, look yourself in the mirror and say those words, your self-confidence will increase.


Increase you money in my bank account…!! My daily prayer morning and night, but we still dey. Although it doesn’t work that way, we have to hustle for it cos as my musician celebrity will say… Na money be fine Bobo.


Bobo as in @Bobo, our amazing storyteller? @Bobo, we miss your stories!!


Stories that one can easily relate to.


To live long and fulfil the purpose for which I have been created for, is my daily prayer.


Prayer is the key. So I wonder what the lock is


Is it me or the month of June seems to be moving fast?


Fast fast :joy:… That’s how Nigerians repeat a word.


Word of mouth is not reliable at all. I love written agreements


Agreements are truly best when written. To avoid denial from the defaulter.


'Defaulter ’ don’t know why this word always sound funny to me


Me is just looking for a new adventure…


Adventure differs so which do u seek? I done wait for app tire now am here to find a Kiki


Kiki, do you love me?


Me like not love


Love is a beautiful thing.