Lebron James Opened “I Promise school” Where Students Get Free Bikes, Meals, and College Tuition


Lebron James Public school Where Students Get Free Bikes, Meals, and College Tuition
On Monday, LeBron James opened I Promise school in his hometown of Akron, Ohio. “As he has done for years, he continues to give back to the community that raised him.The new public school, which is starting with 240 third and fourth graders and will continue expanding until it encompasses grades 1-8 in 2022, is focused on helping at-risk, inner-city students who are behind academically, as well as offering career and emotional support for their families.”

What’s Special About Lebron James’ I Promise School?
Forty-three staffers will help run the I Promise School — including not just teachers but also a principal, assistant principal, four intervention specialists, plus a tutor, English as a second language teacher, music instructor, and gym teacher, USA Today reports. Classrooms will hold 20 students per teacher.

The school is far from traditional school. Its lengthy school day runs from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., along with an extended school year that runs from July through May. During a seven-week summer session, the school will provide STEM-based camps. Students will spend time each day on social-emotional learning, and participate in a “supportive circle” after lunch aimed at helping them refocus on work, Cleveland.com reports.

Every day students will receive free breakfast, lunch, snacks and drinks.

They will have access to a fitness trainer. James says that, as a kid, he used his bicycle to explore different neighborhoods of Akron — so he gave one to every incoming student.

Since the school considers education to be not just for the pupil but for the whole family, it will offer GED classes and job placement assistance for parents and guardians. “It is about true wrap-around support, true family integration and true compassion,” Brandi Davis, I Promise principal and Akron native, told USA Today.

Students get one other notable benefit: If they successfully complete the school program and graduate from high school, James will cover their full tuition at the local public college, University of Akron.

It’s inspiring what one person can do.

You don’t have to be a billionaire to be a philanthropist.

It’s not all about money. It’s about giving of your Time, Talent, Treasure e.t.c

Lebron James has just shown us another way of impacting our world!

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