Lessons from the Royal Wedding between Meghan Markle and Prince Harry


Lessons to be learnt from the royal wedding between #meghanmarkle and #princeharry.
• She is biracial (i.e. black)
• She is a divorcée
• She is a child of divorced parents
• She was raised by a single mom
• She is slightly older than her prince
• She has had her own public platform
• Her father has been in the tabloids recently
• Her mom is not the Queen, but a (beautiful) yoga instructor/social worker
• Pictures from her first wedding were plastered all over the media
• They met on a blind date

And yet:

• She was wholly welcomed by the Queen (in spite of her story)
• The world is celebrating her
• Her mom had tea with the Queen
• Prince Charles walked her down the aisle
• She will be royalty the rest of her life
• Her children will be royalty
• I could be wrong but their wedding guest list might be the most diverse ever
• An American black man is preaching at her wedding
• The words of #drmartinlutherkingjr #mlk are being recited
• A black choir is singing “Stand By Me” at the wedding (so beautifully too!)
• She is a Princess!!!

You just NEVER know. Your story is NOT over. Don’t let your story make you feel unworthy. Don’t let your story cause you to settle for less.

Dont let your past dictate your future.

Source: Linkedin