Let's Gossip: Would you adopt Banky W and Adesua's Style Of Secrecy In Love?


Just for midnight gossips,

Its all yummy love for BankyW and Adesua Etomi as they are getting set to tie the knot sooner than we think.

I can’t forget Banky W broke the internet that day with the proposal post on Instagram, and then the introduction which we saw a week after, his surgery and now Adesua’s Bridal shower which happened during the weekend. All this were done with no hint to the public at all.

Were sure his wedding would follow suit… :sob::sob::sob::sob: Banky doesn’t want us to share his jollof

Its rare to see a celebrity keep his love life private that even the gossip media and blogs couldn’t guess.

What do you think?

Do you support this level of secrecy from social media?

Would you allow Bae/Boo keep your love life a secret from the media?


For me, I’ll say YES. Tell only those you need to know…


Did you see her dress? It was so beautiful! :sob::sob:


Yes 100%. Infact I’m thinking of doing Yvonne Nelson’s method of secrecy. That lady born we no even see any hint. She and that John Dumelo ehn if not that I love them together I for vex sef.


:100: ! The need to post most times is the crave for validation. Who e help?


Uhnnn :thinking: true!


Is the John Dumelo the father of her baby? :exploding_head::exploding_head::exploding_head:


I support oo, I’ve always been against putting all your life out there, there’re are people on my timeline that you can tell what they’re up to or doing from the picture, videos and stories they post.

OMG! I was drooling over that dress. :laughing::laughing::laughing:


As in… Simply gorgeous




Sense is needed o, testimonies are always interesting and sweet when all has been perfected.

People seems to forget that bad people are everywhere even on social media.


Hmmm… But can’t someone just live their life freely without the fear of witches and wizards?


Is John Dumelo the father of her baby?