Let's Talk about Nannies


I’ve been thinking about how career women manage work and career. Emphasis on career women because in our culture, it’s mostly the mother that spends more time with the children.

I believe that such women need a support system. It could be family, friends, their spouse or a nanny.

But let’s focus on a nanny. As a woman and man (because this concerns the men as well), do you like the idea of employing a nanny to look after your children?

Would you prefer a single nanny or a married nanny? Or you don’t mind?

Would you prefer an older nanny whose children are all grown or you don’t mind a young nanny who is yet to start a family or already has a young family?

Would you like your nanny to live in the house or not? What are the reasons for your choice.

If your nanny has children, would you mind if she brings them along to your house?

Is there a way a career woman can balance both work and family without a nanny?

I’m sorry these look like a questionnaire with many questions. Just expressing my thoughts and unanswered questions.

Please share yiur opinions and views with reasons and if you have any personal experiences to share, I would be grateful.

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Yes. Know what works best for you and don’t carry your career on the head like pure water, disregarding family.


Ain’t happening. No space.

Oh yes! It’s possible to manage your career and your home at the same time, which by the grace of God, I will be able to do.

It’s just about understanding your work schedule and knowing how to manage your time well.


So the nanny can beat my baby when I’m not there? I don’t want nanny abeg!!!

Yes, it may not be easy but it will be worth it. I’m willing to balance both work and family without a nanny. Shebi na me carry the belle, na me go take care of the baby too!!!


Please how?


Family … I subscribe to this… Despite the fact that I grew up with a maid in the house at one point or other, there was always a family member around.

Not really… But I have not experienced life with that much responsibility so I can’t say NO for now…

No live in… If there has to be a Nanny … she is not living in…

Yeah people do it… Although it is tough, it requires understanding and support from the parties involved.


What if you work from 8-4pm, leave the house before 7 am because of traffic and get back by 10, 11 pm because of traffic as well. You are barely at home to take care of the children. What happens in such a case?


Some nannies are nice. And beating children is not a crime is it? Except you meant physical abuse. But even then, your children will go to school and teachers could still beat them.


Family is very important. But what if there is no family member staying in the same city as you?


Yeah. Sometimes we say never and find ourselves in situations where we go for it.




Udyyyyyy and her plenty kweshuns😋

For me, WE will definitely have the support of a nanny o. No preference for what kind and the live in options for now but WE will cross the bridge when we get there.
However, WE will ensure we are constantly and personally involved and vested in our kids by maintaining a work-life balance.

Absolutely YES, If she has a very supportive and unselfish husband.


This is where family comes In, if you don’t want to have a nanny


Family is very important. But what if there is no family member staying in the same city as you?


Sorry ma :blush:

The kweshuns were doing my body somehow so I had to ask :grin:


I really don’t buy the idea of employing a nanny to take care of my kid. I’d love to take care of my kids myself or when the stress becomes too much, I invite my mum over or probably adopt a kid to help with those little chores I can’t attend to. Nanny is a no no for me.