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@ademakinwa88 Trust me, she says this all the time because she knows She’s one of the best… Please don’t give up… The other names she mentioned are still learning :joy:


I’m an apprentice where u’re concerned oh. I don’t know anything @Drew

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@pretyprexy & @judy are quite modest… I am sure you like modest girls…

Lookatew! :smirk::smirk: we’re just stating the obvious

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You actually asked the question and I feel you are the best person to look to for instructions, also other people have endorsed you so what do you have to say oooh

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Just like every other day, its another special day where i say a huge and loooooud Welcome to some new family members of this beautiful online community :yum::yum:

Meet them:

@sas9Dbt @Efeonoriode29 @abbas.msani @donmagnifiga @tayoadaraloye @digitsurv @amakacay @Tomatoe @Joiset @ademola.adebena @dikedamian @tamarauebi @dimeji.isola @shinaoladeji @woleekanola

Welcome Welcome Home To Zegist We are glad you signed up…

We would love to know a little about you… Here’s few questions that might help:

…and here are a few topics that might interest you, just to bring you up to speed:
How To successfully slide into a lady’s DM for the first Time

State Your Age and Something You Can’t Do

Upload Your Picture: Let’s see the Fine Ones


Sure thanks for the advice. Also we are here to learn from each other

Thanks I won’t give up oooh

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You can’t be sure about that

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Please @Kiitan @Aniekan @Judy bring more sugar and milk for this pap… You know its a cold Tuesday!


Joking sturvs … don’t take my jokes seriously :blush:

I don’t care much about the akara…

But please that pap is for me alone

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Which of it are u referring to, is it everything or is some of what you said

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For us alone you meant to say.
I need it for this cuddly weather


Because I think I have taken it serious oh or don’t you want to help out

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Can u afford her charges


Cuddly weather… U berra go to work

:joy: I am working from home :dancer::dancer:

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Not an issue

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