Lets Talk About You



Cc @yemisiogunlana Let me you here :grinning::grinning::grinning:


Shebi I complained about the fact that I can’t do uploads


My name is Yemisi Ogunlana

No job yet… Still searching for a good job.

Awkward? I talk fast… Too fast.

Ilkes- I like sex, boys, food, God and books

turnoffs- I hate liers and fake friends

I will never be caught playing dead.

I am proud of me because I am special, beautiful, curvy and brilliant.

I followed zegist from twitter

Feedback… Nice UI, Friendly people.


Oh mehnnn… What did you study? You can add that too. Your employer might be here.

:grinning::grinning::grinning: @Ms_aijohi and @Kiitan does too. I think its not awkward but unique.

@Kachie and @Aje She’s all yours… Initiate her into your book club.

awww… Biko put your profile picture na…:joy::joy::joy: We need to see this person with all these qualities.

Thank you so much @yemisiogunlana Welcome home.


:raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands: Just add money what else could a girl possibly need… You are welcome


Baby come lemme hug you @yemisiogunlana :hugs: :hugs:


:joy::joy::joy::joy: I pray ooo. Chef indeed.


You are welcome… I admire accountants a lot… I grew up with one so I know they are honest and intelligent beings… I feel It is magical that y’all handle a lot of money and are not tempted to spend it even when it is yours to spend.


My name is Nwaorgu Chimdi Covenant
I currently have no job(Still searching and open to any):pray::confounded:
My sarcastic nature :relieved:
My likes are simply, getting what I want
My turnoff is basically the opposition of the afore mentioned :roll_eyes::neutral_face:
Trying to hack someone’s Wifi😜
My resilience😇
I’m loveable and compassionate with a heart of Gold so they say. My in-qualities compensates my out-qualities
From Cregital’s handle on IG🤦🤦
Sometimes I think of myself as a Stalker so don’t fascinate me too much


Abi… Really… I always admire their heart towards cash… Most of them are quite disciplined though…


@Kachie How do they say “Welcome” in Igbo? Help me please…

hahahahahahaha… Show me the way o…

Welcome Welcome To The Wakanda… Oh I meant to say Zegist :joy::joy::joy:

Please the table is set for food… Oya come lets eat:


It’s Ndeewo o!


Oh awesome… Thanks @Kachie

Ndewoooooooo o!!! @Chimynw


Yes oo! Ndeewooo bekee! It’s so good to have you here! I know for sure, that you will enjoy it here. @Chimynw


Grazie dolcezza




@pretyprexy @Mira prepare your table to welcome our guest. Welcome to the family @AFI @Nayor Let get to meet you here


Hey @Rickyfromimo_2 welcome!!!