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Wow…this caught my attention and I’m nodding my head saying, this babe is too real.

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Lupita Nyong’o Sponsors School Children To Tee Black Panther


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I’m 'Tayo Oladapo
’Content Writer for Nigerian Newsweb (www.nigeriannewsweb.com)
Many things
I love football, people with big dreams, smart (probably geeky) people.
Smoking or drinking
The little ideas I have that God has helped to birth to reality…
Don’t know what that is (In and out qualities)


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when you say naked, do you mean with or without boxers or panties? because naked is subjective.
i freaking love pancakes, i can be on a date and be craving pancakes and eggs. :woman_shrugging:


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Interesting. Maybe that was then o, because the last time I checked you were feeling lazy to cook for weeks.

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Name: Adetokunle Usman Oladimeji

Job: I’m a Cosmetologist and Co/Owner at Skin Notice beauty World.

Akward: I hate Drugs, Scared of Injections and Love to eat bread and Palm oil.

Likes: Travelling, Meeting new people, Football and Playstation

Turnoff: Talkative, Glutton and Chronic Sleepers :smiley:

What Makes me Proud: My Family and The way im living my life really shows that im on the right path :slight_smile:

Can never be caught: Singing, Eating Eba

Best In and Out qualities: Respectful of others, Easy going, Emotionally open and disciplined…


You say what?? Bread and palm what?


Yes oo… Aunty, a trial will convince you :grin: :smile:


No thank you. I’ll pass.
Is the baby girl on your dp your daughter? She’s so cute :slight_smile:


No, she is my niece.