Lets Talk About You


Lai kin se ogun :joy::persevere:


Looool…How you take know that i no b Ogun? :laughing::sweat_smile:


Enjoy alone o, I’m not interested in having a taste :joy:

You just found a partner. Even paracetamol o :see_no_evil:

So you lip sing, I guess :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

You don’t want them to finish your food, abi? Don’t be stingy o, there’s love in sharing.

Excellent, that’s why you are here. :blush::wink:




All the peeps that said @pretyprexy was weird because of her love for garri and salt should reply to bread and palm oil spread.


Thank you ma’am!!


Does it sounds so bad like that? :roll_eyes::persevere:


Garri and salt is not weird na… It’s just a tiring combination but not bad


Oh no! I am all for whatever rocks your boat.


But jeeez! Bread and palmoil? My first time hearing this weird combo.


I never said it was weird, read the comments on pretyprexy profile to see those who had something to say about the combo.
How are you by the way? Hope you good?


oh baby, never said you said so o… I was just talking out loud.

I’m smarter than I was yesterday. How are you doing dear?


Yeah I know, I was just replying your loud thoughts.

:rofl: good girl, I thank God for everyday




@Chum_Sky welcome to Zegist. Introduce yourself to the family and do make sure you feel at home.
@Mira @Aje @Drew @pretyprexy @fola @Yeye please come and serve our new members.

Cc @Adetokunle and @Chum_Sky.


The Taste is the Difference and the Difference is in the Taste :joy::joy::laughing:


@Chum_Sky, you welcome to Zegist family. I wanted to serve you isiewu,but it’s kinda late for such heavy food. So feed your eyes with my profile picture for now, i’ll serve you something lighter tomorrow. @Judy, bring the drinks.


Thanks @Judy and @geezybee. My full name is Onyeso Veronica Chioma, a graduate with Bsc international relations, currently serving in ughelli north Delta state and I live in Lagos. I was just bored yesterday and decided to go through Google and find gist before I stumbled upon you guys, I got interested and registered today. Once again thanks for welcoming me :blush:


But Aunty, you no even offer me Sachet Water, E no good o :cry::cry:


Olohun maje kin jeje kuje :no_good_woman:t5:


Welcome dear @Chum_Sky.

We are glad to have you here. :wink::blush: