Lets Talk About You


Tnx @Mira


Lol… Na indomie, abi? :joy::joy::joy:


You are welcome darling.


:joy: :joy: :joy:


Aaawn! We hope you enjoy your stay here.
Sorry our drink man/woman is not here yet…but tomorrow we would serve you something delish @Chum_Sky


Lwkmd!!! just try it, just be dipping the bread inside the oil just the way they dips bread inside tea.:yum:


:joy: OK o


Padin?!!! I don’t even dip bread inside tea unku na palmoil make I come try? Jus kee me!


Ejo honku, emabinu, your own is a special something, I have to go all out to China to import your food, that’s if you do not mind. But please manage bottle water and what’s on my dp. Lemme book my flight.



Loool…More sweeter :yum:


I can see Orijin… keep your food, gimme the origin. :grin:


D’accord Madame :+1:


@Chum_Sky, I have found the sister I whom I am well pleased in you. We studied same course girl. I hope you have a swell time time here. Do not be afraid of being politically incorrect as diplomats are about. In zegist family you say your mind as e dey hot.




That’s no problem at all!. In a minute.


Wawu! :clap:t5:

Anyway, you’re welcome to Zegist @Chum_Sky


@Chum_Sky my dear come and have some breakfast. We are very hospitable here.

P.S: Don’t let anybody chuk their eyes inside your food oh…and some bush people that would want to dip bread inside the juice :joy::joy::joy::joy: let me look for a befitting breakfast for them.


Thanks dear. I feel loved already


:joy: :joy: noted


:nauseated_face: anyama! Please do