Lets Talk About You


I’m having food fever right now.


Aunty pls…not on top this one wey @judy just gave me oo


As an unashamed begi begi, can I have some please? Let me help you eat the chicken and meat.


Lmao…so make i chop rice only? you don’t even want just 2 spoon na the whole meat and chicken you want? O buru o :smiley: :smiley: :rofl::rofl:




I am “opi”- whistle in the cranium… Basically, I sound in the head. my head or may be your head or others heads.
What you should know is that I am older than this thread on here and so I am staying… Active!!!
Thank you!


Welcome @joyeneghalu . We are glad to have here. It feels great to know we have a new sibling, you would love it here. :blush: Feel free to contribute to every topic, we look forward to reading from your wisdom bank.

Please, let’s meet you here. :point_down::point_down::point_down:


@Kachie @Chum_Sky @oluwakemisola @theunofficialomotayo come and welcome our newest sibling, @joyeneghalu


@joyeneghalu u are welcome to zegist world. Feel relaxed, food and drinks will be served soon :wink:


Oh, Chioma has joined the kitchen ministry too… Nice one. We await your meal dear @Chum_Sky


I know the boredom feeling sis. Welcome once more. You’re quite a beauty to behold. :wink:


Nooo, I was just opening the way for @Judy to come and serve her normal dish o


Enjoy! @joyeneghalu


This is a heavenly meal!!!


Yes na, you have seen amala and abula, your tongue is just doing gee mee gee mee there.


Hello @Justright and @Mayowady , feels good to have you here. Welcome to Zegist. :blush:
You’re sure gonna love it here. Everybody here is amazing, including You!
Feel free to contribute to every topic. We look forward to reading your opinion here!!

Let’s meet you :point_down::point_down::point_down:


@Judy @oluwakemisola @Kachie come and exhibit your kitchen ministry here.


Hello @GodsonFH, welcome to the Zegist family . We are glad you signed up. Introduce yourself and feel at home.


@James_Iroro is online today! :raised_hands:

Please introduce yourself to the house. We are yet to meet you here. Welcome to the Zegist family. We hope to read from your wisdom bank.