Lets Talk About You


I am Oluwafemi Michael Hammed
I work with Third Vision Agency as a Curator and Brand Strategist.
Awkward thing about me: I could be very difficult to convince.
Likes: Playing football Manager, networking, history, cooking, trying new things, traveling and research.
Turnoffs: Lies & Dishonesty, Status Quo mindset, etc.
I would never be caught ‘strategizing’.
Being unpredictable makes me proud of me.
Best Qualities: creativity, ability to sell, Optimism, Confidence, Unbiased and open-minded.
I got to know about Zegist through Social Media ( precisely ‘Cregital Page’ on Instagram).
It’s nice to be here. I love the platform because it would afford me to learn new things and improve my knowledge base.


Feels good to have new family members. :blush:

A big welcome to @JeremyTani @elkay and @attehabraham. Feel at home and feel free to join in every conversation.

Let’s meet you here :point_down::point_down::point_down:

@Yeye @Kachie @Adetokunle, bring the food and drinks.


No no no!!! It’s Agbalumo @judy served me and when she eventually prepared the food @Kachie no let me chop ham. Looool… therefore, reorganize another party for I and them. :grin::grinning:


@Kachie, see what your long-throath is causing. But ermmm, @Adetokunle there is love in sharing ni.


No wahala…just because of u…do I need to organize Tents and chair or na hall we go use for the party? :smile::laughing::grin:


I was only helping you stay in shape :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I couldn’t help it :sob::sob::sob:


Rara loool… u b dumbbell or Bench Press.? :joy::joy:


@JeremyTani @elkay and @attehabraham, please step down with this chapman while I join @Kachie and @Adetokunle in the kitchen.


@Mira come and on the TV.


Aunty, No b Skushi b dz ? :joy::joy::rofl::rofl:
jz joking tho :yum:


We don even get TV!! Na wa o… Y’all are the VIP’s!
Welcome to the family. It feels great to have y’all here.


We actually need Live Bands that will be performing for new members


I’m Asuelimen Favour Isi(AFI)
Im an advertiser and a publicist
I dislike public embarrassment
My originality makes me proud of me.
I got to know about Zegist through one of its users…


Hey guys… @chijioke_chris @Adebowale_Oluwasanmi @Adebisi_Crown @Atilola_Adisa_Omoteh @Neoecstasy @Anthony_Musenge @TheUltimateWoman @Uju_Amaeshi @Chee_chee @Bettyowa @Hephzibah_Olawumi_Ta @Izu @Safari @Farkars @muhd @Gene @Omotoyosii @Liri @Kingxtouch @Diplomatic @patootie @Pheen @olukotung @spendidtobi @uxdesignervel @Mary_Isaac6 @Maryjay @bestie30 @tavyweeks @Tosin_David @Ofure @newera @Check @Mayowady @TheQueenCoder @Step4wad @Legacy27 @Josef_Mills @Justright @joyeneghalu @Nijagist @Valchi @Khaleesi @Authentic123 @Benjamin_Noah @Mide @Diamondz @Ayotunde @iam_charley @Lovergirl4 @TrellisBox @DUltimateWoman @Exclusives_NG @doris.sejawo @ekemini @crazychukz @adisadeniji @tee_writes @Veekthoven @ceezarhh @ademide @sapphire @Aremu @Ifedolapo @Samuel_Pinheiro

Welcome Home to Zegist

It’s our hub for fun, learning and sharing love and food too :wink::wink::heart_eyes:

Kindly use the questions below and tell us about YOU :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

@Kachie @Yeye nd @Electrifying_Imoh you are cooking for the family today. We are hungry!


Awwww… I finally got to see the smart and beautiful @AFI
You are welcome dear!! :heart::heart:


I’m Iyioku Gift.
German language student at University of Ibadan.
My friends say im the C.E.O of Ultimate Dresses​:confused::confused::confused:
I read about zegist on facebook.
I’m a plantain lover (die-hard):grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::heavy_check_mark::heavy_check_mark::heavy_check_mark:
I think it’s awkward that i’m a workaholic. Plus i’m seeing my display picture twice, please if there’s any tech-savvy guy here, ejor e epp me. I might have mistakenly signed up twice.

Yes, i loooove to sleep and it doesn’t mean i’m lazy​:smirk::smirk::smirk:


Welcome to Zegist, Gift :hugs:

@Judy, come and see.




Welcome Gift!!

You are loved. We hope to patronize you soon.
Advertise your brand here.

Welcome once more.


Awesome. You will teach me ni :wink: