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Extraordinary poet, spoken word artist et mass communicator.

Welcome baby girl. You are loved.

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Hello @DUltimateWoman meet @Judy she knows German too


@joyeneghalu thanks for joining us!!!

Let’s make Zegist one of your revenue streams


Yes ma​:grinning::grinning::grinning:
Tuition is not free​:joy::joy::joy:




Thank you​:blush::blush::blush:


:laughing::laughing::man_facepalming: Oluwa ooooo …hehehehehehehehe :rofl::joy:




Shey u no go organize party for them too ni @Mira?


Name: Elizabeth

Job Title or Company/ Business: I am an Archaeologist, a Conservator and entrepreneur. I run yemoregifts a company that caters for your giftting needs. Co-founder HeritageHub (we’re on Instagram):wink:.

What’s awkward about you? Oh mahn! Awkward mood swings plus I feel awkward sometimes.

What are your likes and turnoffs? I like contagious joys and happiness. Turnoff: don’t put too much weird effort into getting noticed!

What would you never be caught doing? Hmmn. Yet to find out.

What makes you proud of you? It’s a long list!

What are your best in and out qualities? Hmmmn, I’m very friendly up close. I empathise and express this a lot.

How did you get to know about Zegist? Through a friend who shared on Facebook.


Welcome to Zegist, @Bettyowa :beers:


Thank you!!!


What a combo!! Welcome. Quite interested in the Archaelogy part of you and by conservator, Environmentalist?


Welcome dear. let’s see your fine face :wink:


Many thanks Mira. I am tryna get a hang on this platform😁. I am still a learner, dunno how to do this yet. I will put up a photograph soon.


Hi hi Aje! Thank you!! :grin::grin:
My deal is object conservation rather than environment.
We could talk more about the archaeology you are interested in! I’ll be glad to do this!:grin::grin::grin:


Hi @DUltimateWoman, Wie geht es dir? have you heard of Goethe institute? If you were in Lagos I would have recommended you register there so we could go be going for film shows together. I’ve been looking for a partner in German language in Lagos specifically.


Ehn awa ti a gbo german kini ka se bayi :roll_eyes:


Hallo Judy!
Mir geht’s prima👌! Danke!
I just finished a one-year compulsory session at Goethe institut, this past year. We’re referred there from U.I. in our third year. I’m now back to Ibadan.
Hab Spaß beim Filmshow!:wink::purple_heart:


Jaaa! Das ist aber Toll!
Ich mag es nicht wenn ich alleine nach dem filmshow gehe. Es ist mir manchmal langweillig weil ich hab niemanden, mit dem ich lacheln könnte. Verstehst du?