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My name is Sexanon, my main business idea is to help organise sexual anonymous gatherings where people share their stories and help others grow. I can’t say what is awkward or what I can’t be caught doing but I’m proud that I have success stories from people I have helped. My favorite quality of myself is how I talk about sex to help people in bondage. I got to know about Zegist from Evans Instagram. He sold the anonymous feature to me. I hope he doesn’t call me out here sha

I want to use this site to create an online version of my idea, i want guys and chics here to talk anonymously about sex stories and how people can help others.

Is anyone interested in this?


Hi guys!

My name is Charles Njoku
I am a currently trying ‘so hard’ to graduate as a Biochemist although the journey for that ends the day I write my final exams. :confounded: By the way that’s not me. I am a Creative Graphic Designer -self taught sha! I am passionate about design and I like to think its the next purest thing close to love.

Awkward? Oh! I am damn scared of rodents but I have killed a snake with my hands before! :rofl:

I like tech and tech and then food, books, people -fun and inspiring people not kolo! If you ever sly on me or a friend… you become and enemy of the state! You gat to be loyal! I will respect even a dog that is loyal to its owner!

Smoking! I just can’t try that stuff!

Making anyone happy! I am proud of that anytime!

My best qualities? How about you tell me? Cos I really don’t know! I feel like I can do anything through Christ who strengthens me! :joy:

Zegist! Hmmmm… I have been stalking Evans & Cregital for most part of Last year… So I know you guys!



Oh well, you just did that :wink::grin:

Welcome to Zegist, Charles. We are glad you signed up. Nno.

Advertise your brand here. Update your birthday via your profile too. :blush:


Thank you Mira!


My pleasure. OralB needs this your award winning smile o.


:joy: Its funny how I often use Oral B visual brand market strategy to create an epiphany! and they have not spotted me yet :thinking:


By the way, yours and mine will make a fine combo for them…We did bring the money bank :sunglasses:


Someone should please pass this gentleman a loudspeaker!

Awww… This sounds like me. Except it’s only for people I care about though.

We’re so happy to have you here in the Zegist family. I bet you’re as interesting as your lovely avi. :wink: I would have told @adetokunle to turn on the TV for you, but… I’ll let it pass :joy::joy::joy: Please feel at home as you browse through our previous threads and if you need any help here don’t hesitate to scream out for assistance :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Thanks Kachie!

Do you have a diary or journal? Go mark this date! Cos its when we became buddies :kissing_heart:


Osheyyy! Issa buddy goal!
You’re always welcome :kissing_heart:


Very important. We will be notified by them soon.

Biko,manage this Sunday rice and plantain


Mira… I like food oooooo


Looool…Omo daada!!! :joy::joy::joy:


I’m Omotoyosii

I’m an upcoming event coordinator and jeweler. I love to put things together

I think the fact that I think I possess the ability to read minds

My likes depends on my mood but it includes music, dancing and reading amongst other things. Turnoff A loose mouth and pride

I’ll never be caught drunk

That I’m resilient

I’m very open minded, I love trying out new things and i try not to be judgemental

Through Cregital on instagram

Keep doing what you doing better!


A big welcome to you, Toyosi.

We are glad to have you here.


You are most welcome @Sexanon. We look forward to sharing sex stories and other stuff with you. Thanks.


Das verstehe ich doch.
Warst du schon mal in Deutschland?


Welcome @Sexanon.


I am Frederic
Bilingual Graphics Designer, French Trainer and a public speaker. (CEO of Kingxtouch Multimedia)
I am perfectionist, so I spend a lot of time on some project just because I want it perfect.

I love learning and traveling like …
Disorderliness turns me off

Tenacity and the awareness of what is embedded in me (Potential) make me proud of me

I got to know about Zegist through a friend


Thank you Mira.

I will need your help in starting an anonymous post where people will share their sex /lust issues and get help. Help me plan it well.