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Job Title or Company/ Business : I run a make money online in Nigeria blog

What’s awkward about you? My hair

What are your likes and turnoffs? I like writing and women. Turnoffs? A liar

What would you never be caught doing? Flirting…

What makes you proud of you? My alluring personality coupled with BADASS HUMOUR

What are your best in and out qualities? My eyes and spoken words

How did you get to know about zegist: Through google I guess

Any feeback? Yeah, keep up the good work


can i be the judge?
i will do this by eating…


Welcome @Toin. Please introduce yourself to the @Zegist community :slight_smile:


I guess @iambetritz just joined, won’t you welcome her ni @Mira


thanks baby


New members alert!!

Hello, @Ezinne_Okoli @Victor-Voh @Lloyd_Nawa_Malambo @Styno @Oladoyin18 @lifeofesse @thegemspace @Toin @iambetritz @Apelegan_Victoria @atadudu2009 @Oluwafemi_Hannah @jamesjovimarine @Anthoniocrane @Dolapo_Dwells @EmpoweredGraced @anonymous22 @Danieldost @LolaT25 @Eros @Mojisola @Oluwasegun @jabulaniapeh @Moyinjoe @crystalsfilms @Prechly @Darey @perpetual @Anonymousme @Ladyflo @Oluwapelumi_T @I_solo @owenabuka @MVRaja @Reuben_Odhiambo @34a054a457db313afd31 @4141eb8318893d6fd872 @debpoppy @14d2b66862eb15c325d7 @skinnybrownie1 @Comfort.bitrus @Uniquelyspecial @kehindeegunjobi93 @fareedagbaje @3871482936d31e692c7f @Missnkechi @mister_jaey @Phrewsh007 @Bamijoko_Adenike @blogtrovert @Big_Black_Fella @Noh @Choco @Lina @Jessica_Tee_Orika @Bukas99 @Matt_Oyewumi @Samuel_Pinheiro

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Please, let’s meet you here :point_down::point_down::point_down:

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Welcome friends!

@Ezinne_Okoli @Victor-Voh @Lloyd_Nawa_Malambo @Styno @Oladoyin18 @lifeofesse @thegemspace @Toin @iambetritz @Apelegan_Victoria @atadudu2009 @Oluwafemi_Hannah @jamesjovimarine @Anthoniocrane @Dolapo_Dwells @EmpoweredGraced @anonymous22 @Danieldost @LolaT25 @Eros @Mojisola @Oluwasegun @jabulaniapeh @Moyinjoe @crystalsfilms @Prechly @Darey @perpetual @Anonymousme @Ladyflo @Oluwapelumi_T @I_solo @owenabuka @MVRaja @Reuben_Odhiambo @34a054a457db313afd31 @4141eb8318893d6fd872 @debpoppy @14d2b66862eb15c325d7 @skinnybrownie1 @Comfort.bitrus @Uniquelyspecial @kehindeegunjobi93 @fareedagbaje @3871482936d31e692c7f @Missnkechi @mister_jaey @Phrewsh007 @Bamijoko_Adenike @blogtrovert @Big_Black_Fella @Noh @Choco @Lina @Jessica_Tee_Orika @Bukas99 @Matt_Oyewumi @Samuel_Pinheiro


Esse Willi

  • IT Executive/Graphic Designer/Social Media Manager/Printer -
  • Turnkey PrintWorld Limited aka PrintWorld Nigeria
  • I can be childish sometimes
  • If you are Playful, A foodie, Gadget-freak, Movie-freak, Computer Science-freak…i will like you by default. Turnoffs are… Dirt, Flies, Girls who put Gels on the side of their hair/head. When someone lies foolishly.
  • I can never be caught smoking, cheating or lying
  • I feel proud when i add extra zeros to my bank account.
  • Helpful, Your best friend-best friend. I Do Favours Alot
  • I follow cregital on IG. yea so i know everything they do… even Disha
  • Feedback would be… When is the Andriod App coming!


nice… lovely but this cracked me up…

  1. Nwagu Nneka Uloaku Ayemidun Hadassah
  2. I believe in love, but I don’t believe it can happen to me. Again.
  3. Likes: Joyfulness, playfulness, gisting.
    Turnoffs: inconsistency, stinginess.
  4. I’ll never be caught speaking ill of another.
  5. My character and integrity. Who I am on the outside is exactly who I am on the inside. Basically, I practice what I reach.
  6. Qualities: Joyfulness, playfulness, homely, loving and hardworking.
  7. Through @evansakanno
  8. I totally love this place!


Welcome sis.

Awwww… I can’t say much here. It’s well.


This place loves you too.


Wicked :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


Yorugbo? (Yoruba + Igbo)


Lol… Yorugbo indeed. Adetokunle, you didn’t serve them. Oya check the fridge for drinks.


I was renamed by a special somebody. All my close friends are Yoruba’s sha


Yo! Feels so good to have new family members here on Zegist. :blush::heart_eyes:

Hey fam, let’s welcome @Mary_Joseph @uchekeneng @Mayebele @Mabel_Albert @Ozy_Izuyon @The_Ugonna @femisenjobi @rajah @leatherjacket4 @Ibk @dfc5b8a2409781168be1 @705efd0a3af92056cec7 @Perpetua @Tee_Tayme @Andrea_Egharevba @teefaithy @Mario @vic @tarikjay @Pageturner @Tayoib @Mona_Dadzie @Choco_Laate @Oladoyin181 @Prince_Chung_Hollarw @MrsPayne @Noh @Cecilia_Bedoui @Feyisola

Feels good to have you here on Zegist, you are sure gonna love it here. Zegist has been blessed with a lot of awesome beings, and you are awesome!

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Let’s meet you here :point_down::point_down::point_down:

@Adetokunle, switch on the TV please. @Drew, get the fanta and sprite from the fridge


We have to upgrade our drnks o


We have plenty in the fridge ni

@evansakanno please bring out the wine in the fridge, and that other drink.


LOL. The plan was to ghost mode :rofl: :rofl: