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Name: Oluwatosin Faith Kolawole

Job Title or Company/ Business: I’m a freelance writer. I create blog/website contents for companies, organisations and individuals who need them. Primary niche: health and fitness. Secondary: virtually anything, depending on what your company needs and as long as it’s something I’m willing to delve into. E.g, I write stories on African Brands for isoko,africa.

I’m also a Teen Coach and Mentor. You can check teensmeetonline.com when you’re free. I’m grateful to God for what he has been doing through that platform.

What’s awkward about you?: I look around and I sometimes feel weird, cos I’m not the average kind of lady. Also, I get to spend more time alone, so I act drama a lot with myself playing all the roles. Lol

What are your likes and turnoffs?
Likes: The word of God :star_struck: and spending time with myself; it helps me brainstorm and do a lot of creative thinking. It also protects my sanity in a way :joy:. Also, consistency and diligence.

Turnoffs: I don’t like extremely rough play. I also don’t like non-diligence and non-commitment to what you choose, it turns me off completely.

What would you never be caught doing?: Fighting with another lady cos of a lover man. If you see me doing that, just take me to a mental care house, because something is obviously wrong with me:rofl::rofl:

What makes you proud of you?: The way I think, the ideas I birth, the things I do, where I am, my kind of ‘different’ that is weird to others. Makes me so proud and keeps me up my feet. I owe it all to God.

What are your best in and out qualities?: leadership, creative thinking

How did you get to know about zegist: Social media, friends.

Any feedback?: This place is really cool. I love the vibe. God help me to flow and not disappear or ghost mode. Amen.


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According to a recent study, drinking wine can make you more creative.


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I am Kazeem Oluwaseun Malik AKA Malzic
Malzic Graphics
Hmmm,just crazy about tech and games
Likes,Hmmm can’t really say buh anything good,Dislikes, don’t have any
Being able to express and be my self
Love designing,love experiencing new things
Knew about zegist by following cregital


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