Lets Talk About You


Enough plates for everone that may be interested in the food.


@mira I am hungry… I will get your drinks later.


Serve yourself! There’s enough food to go round.


Name: Silas (although I spell it “Sylas” I like to think it makes me look cooler :sunglasses:)

Job Title: UI/UX Designer

Whats awkward about me? I get really clumsy when I’m eating around someone (read fine gye) I just met.

What I like? I like; to Design, Food, good conversations, watching Rom Coms, going to new places, to read (ie Quora, my Twitter TL and books-sometimes), to going out in the evenings (i’m a bit of a night crawler)

Turnoffs? Insensitive people who unnecessarily say mean stuff to others on Twitter so they can be said to be “savage”, shorthand woritings like: ‘jux’ ‘wif’ ‘xup’ ‘K’ ‘fud’…you get the picture

What would I be never caught doing? Is it strange that I can’t think of anything ATM :thinking:?

What makes me proud is when I see a design I made in print or as a final product that people use and love.

My best in qualities? As friends, I’ll never leave you hanging :v:

My best out qualities? You’ll never have to worry about me being bored.

Zegist: I dont remember. Its been a long time now. I’ve always read stuff here, I only recently decided to register.

Feedback: I dont like that I cant see my emoji (after I insert them as I’m typing, I only see a description of the emoji). I love your use of color and the simplicity of zegist, if feels smooth.


lol… I hate this


We are glad you signed up!

Amazing! Advertise your brand here

Yes, but it’s not bad.

Awesome! We all need a friend that won’t leave us hanging.


Really? I don’t experience same here. Sorry about that.

Awww :blush:. Thanks for the feedback, Sy(i)las.

Welcome on board.


Thank you! Will do.


:laughing: I like!




Introduce Yourself…

Name: Iro

Job Title or Company/ Business: Accountant

What’s awkward about you? Still trying to figure this one out :joy:

What are your likes and turnoffs? Okay for me. my likes would be reading a good book, listening to music, watching awesome movies, playing video games (yeah), trying my hands on writing, surfing the net & my turnoffs would be liars

What would you never be caught doing? Er… scratching my bum in public

What makes you proud of you? Considering all the brouhaha someone goes through in this country and is still standing ah am over prouding of myself gaan :joy:

What are your best in and out qualities? I’m that kind of friend that sticks like family

How did you get to know about zegist: ooo that would be from IG

Any feedback? Recently discovered this forum and fell in love with it instantly, I’m so digging the Dark theme thingy :ok_hand:. But i was wondering is there a way to friend someone on here and how do i get rid of the circular button with 9 squares that seems stuck in the middle of my screen (I think it’s meant for sharing posts of sorts)


Please figure it out… You are an accountant and you deal with figures! :joy::wink:

I think you would love to check Zegist Book Club out. You would love it!

Alright baby, we await your articles here on Zegist. :heart_eyes:

Ermmm… I think they love video games too.
@ogeh47 @evansakanno @Aje

Lol… Angel in BBNaija would be scratching his bum on live TV :joy::joy:

My sister, it’s not an easy something o

You know this! Flesh and blood didn’t reveal it to you :joy::joy:. The Dark theme is :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Oscurf! Feel free to do so. It goes down in the DM!

Yeah, it’s the share button. Is it obstructing you from typing well? @ogeh47 would help fix that.

Welcome once more.


Been there done that sis @ Zegist book club was actually waiting for a new book to be posted. Was turned off by the one with the F-word title sha😝

Aww fankoo for having Moi


Lol… It’s well. It was just an F word… Try reading it, you would love it.


Hian @ just F-word :unamused:


:joy::joy::joy: read the book first.


If i downloadeded it & don’t likeded it is you ooo😂


Lol… No problem. I’m in my house, you can come and beat me if you wish. But the book is nice though.


ahh ahh Mira Mira beat you ke e nefa reach like dat I will just keep poking u in the ribs everytime i :eyes: you :grin: oya am off to download


Don’t worry, you’ll love it. Just be sure to come back and give your testimony on the book club :wink::joy:


sure thang @Kachie :ok_hand: