Lets Talk About You


Lol, almost everyone gets turned off by the title but it’s a good book


Please help me welcome my friend @session who just joined in today :heart_eyes:


@session oya introduce yourself with the guide above :point_up:


1/2. I’m David Olowoleye ,an undergraduate of Mass Communication.
3. ---- loading!
4. :notes: is life… Turnoffs? Loading!
5. I’d never be caught doing what I shouldn’t be caught doing.
6. I’m so unpredictable.
7. Qualities? I’m not sure.
8. Mopelola Ariyo told me about it.
9. Feedback; it’s good to be here.




Welcome dear. we are glad to have you here.


@Mira @evansakanno @Judy @Kachie y’all should serve him a nice meal. @aje bring the chilled fanta :muscle::muscle:


Hi Guys! I am duru!
*I am a photographer (yeah i am cool like that:sunglasses: ) Animator, film maker and a graphicdesigner.
*i think old is the new new! thats a pretty awkward ideology right?:wink:
*i dont like what i hate
*i wont be caught telling a lie:innocent:
*my accomplishment


You’re welcome @duruazubuike we hope you like it here. :wink:


You’re welcome!


New members alert!!

A big welcome to these amazing ones, @afolayanit @duruazubuike @iafur @Kunle @soremekuns @01fc953d5e8f9d96e979 @Ewatomi @W.Stranger @aolajuyi @8aa83c3a709df1d09760 @Lewikeezy @Tina @tunzi @Justice @TheLadyViolette @frauviv @CrazyWeirdoe @meek @Odion_Alfred @oghenejakpor_uvie @Feisola @em_jay @mr_Eltoba @Sthenry @beepeaX @Konami @debbyjames @Oluwatobi_Dipe @Tega @Kenney @favy @Princemolak @Olayinka @Ifetomiwa @Talaban_Tamale_Pakso @Oyewale_Eunice_O @LOLAWUMI @Ebere_Asogu @Dumdum @Session @jitu @manuelchukwudi @Bamidele_Oluwatosin @BitOveN @FreeIndependentWoman @boomlasers @OldTaylorIsBack @Gashe @cbeb1dcab0850e0b2442 @MOHAMMED_ADAMA @Dannymaine @fc10b170f09ace82ef40 @34b3271d9840c8c043b7 @0c245f74dc1a296c91c6 @a0f2f84540f6af9f2b29 @1e08580671c361fc9a22 @Ademola_Ajijola @Ezra_Ayegba @GODSPOWER_EHURIAH @Gabr1el @keM4on @Omolara_Mariam_Babat @buchi @HAdebisi1 @Olawale969 @Decode
We feel so good to have you here with us! :dancer::dancer::dancer:

Feel free to Advertise your brand. There are a lot of interesting topics too, and for our book lovers, you can always be part of the Zegist Book Club
Please let’s meet you here :point_down::point_down::point_down:

One more thing, please update your birthday via your profile. We would be glad to celebrate you on that day. You matter to us!

Welcome, once more!


Welcome dear Duru

I don’t like what I hate too! :joy:


Name: Taiwo Afolayan

Job Title: Business Intelligence Developer

What’s awkward about you: I’m a workaholic

What are your likes and turnoffs? Likes are laughing loudly, traveling and Turnoff is dishonesty

What would you never be caught doing? Double Dating :grinning:

What makes you proud of you? I’m a proud of being an IT programmer

What are your best in and out qualities? I am a calm, easy-going, honest, hardworking and goal-getter

How did you get to know about zegist: Evans’ Facebook Post @evansakanno


-My name is Ogochukwu Aniakor

-I’m a part two law student in University of Uyo( I no get job yet :joy:).

-My gait. Someone once said that I walk as if I eat air. I don’t know what that means though :joy:

-I like everything good and I dislike everything bad

-I’d never be caught dancing :see_no_evil:( I hide my face) trust me you don’t wanna see that.

-I love the woman I see in the mirror everyday. It makes me proud of me.

-I smile a lot (I don’t know if that counts).

-Through my God sent friend @mira. ( I call her my Miracle. I’m not sure she knows about that though)

-People here are really nice. And I feel very comfortable talking to them


Are you kidney me??? Now you are gonna make me cry :cry:

I love you too baby :heart_eyes:


Welcome dear @afolayanit and @ogochukwu

Please update your birthday via your profile. We would love to celebrate you


@mira done already


Okay. Thanks


Let’s welcome my sweetheart of life @Iche_Dee :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

@Mira @Aje @evansakanno please give her a grand welcome party since it’s Friyay


Okay… Av gat this crazy flatmate that talks about zegist all the time. So I decided to give it a try. @Mopelola_Ariyo