Lets Talk About You


My homemade smoothies.


Made of what fruits?


Watermelon, pineapples, Bananas, Apples and the secret sauce strawberry Hollandia youghurt


Just knew it had to be Hollandia yoghurt. Extra-chilled at that… Yumyum😋


Yay food :dancer::dancer::dancer::dancer::dancer:





I’m Etin Obaseki.

Somedays, I am a software developer :nerd_face: who writes poetry with abstract concepts and some other days, I just stare at my screen looking confused the whole day. :confounded:

Awkwardly, my voice gets really high pitched when I’m nervous. Makes it hard to be taken seriously in those high pressure moments. :frowning_face:

I like puzzles. Especially the ones I can solve. If it takes too long, I’d probably lose interest.
I like hip hop music. I like Person of Interest.

I don’t like long winded arguments or discussions. People who know me AFK may disagree, but it’s true.

The next few questions sound like a psyche eval tho’.

As for how I got her, @Youralibi1 invited me. She told me there’d be small chops. I still haven’t gotten any.


LMAO, small chops incoming.


Here you go @etinobaseki


May the Lord God bless you real good, dear @geezybee.


And this


Thank you maami :blush:




Yes, truly


You’ve been AWOL!
How are you?


Yea, lots of travelling lately. I try to check up on here from time from time overnight.
How are you too?


Oh okay. Overnight, probably when we’re asleep Lol.
I’m good o.


Need to play catch-up. Lol


So @VivianO, please introduce your fine self to the community :slight_smile: by answering the questions below :point_down:t6::point_down:t6::point_down:t6:

@W.O @evansakanno @Aje @KolapoImam @Temidayo @Udousen_Ukpeme @Alfred @habeebsanni new fine girl in the house.

Please do the honors.


Welcomeee @VivianO Please feel at home.