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She’s really a very fine girl.

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Name: Michael ChukwuEBUKA Okereke

Job Title or Company/ Business: I’m a lot of things all merged up into one: Developer, blogger, author, comedian, and social media expert. CTO of www.geiffth.org, Writer at The Living Tribute Magazine and Lead Convener of The July of Code Owerri (2nd edition coming up this July) and Code Fellowship Owerri.

What’s awkward about me? Well, A lot. I love the smell of old books, saw dust and the chilling smell of harmattan… I love to sleep naked and under a duvet, no matter the weather condition… I’m cold around some girls, naturally, I think I’m asexual, but I’m actually a sapiosexual :joy::joy:… Most times i feel like I am over 27years, but I’m not up to 20 even… I can’t remember the rest

What are my likes and turnoffs? I don’t like people knowing what turns me off, So they stay real as possible and not pretend to please me. I’m accommodating and tolerative. Likes? I like everything that has to do with tech, literature and science. And I must confess, I like the UI and flexibility of this forum, Respect to the designers.

What would I never be caught doing? _Getting drunk. Watching porn (I overcomed that years ago, found out I could make better use of my data watching tutorials from udacity than on pornhub). Fighting (Insult my mum or some other stuff that you think should irritate me, I’d simply walk away). _

What makes me proud of myself? Myself first, then my mum. Myself in the sense that I am a sketch being drawn into something colorful, I can forsee where I am heading to, and its bliss over there. Myself in the sense that, I’m going to be self made. My mum, because she’s the reason I’m doing what i’m doing.

What are my best in and out qualities? This is new. I’ll pass.

How did I get to know about zegist? Twitter. Uche Kene’s pinned tweet. That guy needs a reward for getting to get me to get to know this forum… :roll_eyes:

Any feeback? Obviously. Like mentioned earlier, I’m in love with the simplicity and flexibility here, Kudos to the minds behind it. And… Allow me to pocket the rest, I’ll say it some other time.

And if you’re on Twitter, kindly follow me here: http://twitter.com/stardmich
And of course, when you do, shout out to me and I’ll follow back.



We can never be friends!!! How can you not love dodo??? HOW??? That beautiful, soft, tender and delicious dodo. How!!!


Hello Friend!!!


You’re welcome! We’re all excited to have you here! I particularly love the way you answered the Zegist family brief.

Nwanne @Mira biko entertain our VIP.


Hello @debpoppy

Seems you love what I love too…

Welcome to the community of people who love what we love.


Thank you.


i just love the sliding part


hahahahahaha Ore mi oya gbefun one time


Thanks, guys. Happy to be here.

Name - Ayodeji Balogun or just Deji.

Job Title or Company/ Business - Web Design/Development, Fitness & Wellness.

What’s awkward about you? - Errr…kinda shy around ladies. Basically a hermit. Lol.

What are your likes and turnoffs? - Love music, love funny people. Dislike cheats and garrulous fellows.

What would you never be caught doing? - That’s a tough one - Stealing?

What makes you proud of you? - Self starter. I’m tough as nails. I don’t give up easily. And I’m hot.

What are your best in and out qualities? - I love my mind. And I think I’m a great guy. I sing pretty well too.

How did you get to know about zegist: Instagram.

Any feeback? - So far, I’ve been impressed with the people I’ve met here.


A big welcome to you dear. We look forward to reading from your wisdom bank on topics too. Feel free to join the conversations


Yes ohh what is life without food


We are cool like that :muscle:t4:


Thanks. A lot.


Name: Abdulbasit Kolapo IMAM

Job Title or Company/ Business: Kolapo is a Content Engineer, Social Media Whiz, Freelancer and a Growth Hacker. He is currently the Social Media lead at ToLet.com.ng and Growth Hacker at Hackr.io while he writes for a Singapore based firm in his free time. I equally founded some online businesses too but they ain’t strong yet.

What’s awkward about me? Well, So many things are damn akward about me. For instance I’ve been unable to retrieve y lost sim card for over a month and I’m less bothered about it.

What are my likes and turnoffs? I love all type of living beings with much prefrences on the Women folks. I love gadgets and I Gaddam hate Bad networks (GLO) and internet speed.

What would I never be caught doing? Smoking, Drinking Alcohol, Eating Pepperoni, fighting and running a Click farm. You can ask me about click farm via DM.

What makes me proud of myself? My upbringing makes me so proud of myself cos it was full of highs and lows. I have the best parents, siblings and lastly, my strong will makes me the cool Dude.

What are my best in and out qualities? I can relate to anyone from any country, tribe or mindset, in short, I switch characters a lot. I love learning.

How did I get to know about zegist? how many times do you want me to answer this, from Instagram.

Any feedback? I really want Zegist to be the best of it’s kind in Nigeria at first and more importantly, I want it to be a platform where we learn more, share ideas and help individuals achieve their goals. More Zegist Meet-Ups, Classes and Talks.

Follow me on all Social Medium @piousgeek, we can be best friends.




Any ish Sir?


Welcome. But you’re not new here na


You say? :disappointed_relieved::fearful:


I just dey reintroduce myself na plus the Portfolio has changed!!!