Lets Talk About You


Yes, it includes Pork and I must not consume Pork.




Now I get you lol. Sure say I no go copy laidis?


Oh that. Issokay


Go ahead and copy !!


I was confused sef :joy:

And he’s now fighting us like we asked him question :rofl::rofl:


:joy: abi o


hope you enjoyed every bit of it. and shebi you did not give the long throat people here.


Pure Lies. Come on. Support the Nigerian Brand :laughing::no_good_man:


Guysssssss my Bestie just joined us here. @Nelly please welcome her :heart_eyes:


Awww… Welcome @Nelly.

Let me bring dinner for you. I’m coming to welcome you specially

@Mopelola_Ariyo thanks for inviting your bestie. You see why I will do free tender massage for you… You are a darling. :kissing_heart:


See my head swelling o :see_no_evil:


Swell not, dear head, swell not.


Welcome bestie!! @nelly Please order for anything you want. It’s on the house.

Uncle @Adetokunle how far our T.V na? We bought that TV in old Nigeria oo. You can’t see that quality in the market these days :joy::joy:


Don’t mind that boy o… He spoilt the TV. Daddy is not even happy about that. He doesn’t know how much that TV cost


The TV is now available oooo but it’s only NTA channel we have on it, manage it like that :grin::laughing::laughing::laughing:.


Warrisdis na :joy::joy::joy:




What we need now is Dstv ooo.


Welcome, @Nelly. Glad to have you here. :muscle:t5: