Lets Talk About You


Welcome to the family @Nelly @andikanbassey @Muby. Feel free to join in the conversations, we would love to read your opinion on them!

Please update your birthday via your profile cos we would love to celebrate you on that special day. :wink:

Let’s meet you here :point_down::point_down::point_down:

Since it’s late already, I can only offer you groundnuts


Awwwn. I’m glad to be here


Thanks darling. Alright. I’ll like to order for cookies and a glass of milkshake.


Enjoy! Have a great day ahead, Nelly.


@evansakanno will buy it for us


You dont need Dstv, you need internet


lol… @Adetokunle come and hear o, sorry, come and see.


lol… @Adetokunle come and hear o, sorry, come and see.


I’m weak, not because you described dodo so well, but because you’re about to miss an amazing friendship because of a morsel of food :blush:

@KolapoImam, let’s build a local click farm, what do you say? :wink:


I know i did, i haven’t even done justice to it…


Oh really? Since we don’t have ‘dodo’ in common nko???


What happened to “Love in sharing”?


I coulda gotten dinner?:open_mouth:


Have you seen a situation where the sharer/giver gets nothing at the end of the day.


@NaijaLander @Mira help me welcome my bro @megastar


Welcome dear Brother @megastar. Feel at home and feel free to join in the conversations.

Hope you have eaten? If no, let me get food for you.

@NaijaLander please give him some cash


Thanks a lot. To be honest, I have not eaten o. So, am waiting for the food


You can’t even say “no thanks, I’ve eaten :joy:

I’m coming.


When I know what am going through, Why should I deny myself of anything thing


Introduce yourself with this format and also update your birthday via your profile. Thanks.