Lets Talk About You


My dear …so good to be back here oo! Some forces are trying to make it difficult for me to get back in but God pass them …I have missed you @Yeye…how can I forget your pretty smile behind that face


@BrownSucre31,it’s so good to have you back. Please let’s all get to know you by answering these few questions :blush:


O ti wa offline


Saintsamiganja something :joy::joy::joy:


I’m @Brownsucre
Im a sales executive in the company I work and we are into sales of wrist watches .
Lol… Prolly dancing and a total stranger comes behind me to wanna dig me , I’d really feel awkward.
I like people who are honest in their dealings and dislike people who are not , greedy ,selfish, cutting corners are my biggest turn offs.
I would never be caught stealing , cheating in all forms of cheat, except in games lolzz…
That I have come this far , knowing that where I was last year is not where I am today makes me proud of me.
I got to know about zegist through Facebook platform .


You are loved greatly sis. Glad to have you back here. Hope you enjoyed the jollof rice @geezybee served you?

She’s a wife material, is your brother single and ready to mingle? :wink:


Thanks mira, God bless you for having my back.


Hi @kugwuede. Welcome to Zegist.


:rofl: because she served me picture rice abi? @geezybee odikwa risky !


Thanks Mira …glad to be back


Hello amazing ones, @Dorathy @1dharful @itz_jf @Taiwofolu @Femi_Ogunfusika @joshegesi @Itsoloriadetutu @theupparises @Glowee @kugwuede @faitholaseinde @Kontender @Opeyemi_Adelabu @Awophil @Ndubueze_Endie_Umunn @Badmeat @victor_Timi-ojo @Jahsmine @Fabgee @Mikeosita @Uniquepe @Amimah @john1 @Dora
Happy Sunday and a super duper welcome to the Zegist family. We’re super glad you signed up here and trust me, this is home. Feel free to join in the conversations too, we would love to read from your wisdom bank.

Let’s meet you here :point_down::point_down::point_down:

We should construct a welcome song soon… @Enigma do you mind being the choir director? No, you don’t mind! Oh, how sweet of you!! That’s why we love you :heart_eyes:. @evansakanno, you can be his assistant in the music department, @Kachie, you too(choir mistress!)


Name Jide Durowoju
Job Title or Company/ Business (I am Creative lead/Strategist of @jddigitalng. Brand Strategist for afridext.com. Digital Media Manager for ideationacademy.com.ng…still work in progress. :male_detective:

What’s awkward about you? I buy so much books I’m yet to read them all

What are your likes and turnoffs? I’m for fun and creativity. I dislike boredom.

What would you never be caught doing? What I do while I’m home alone…

What makes you proud of you? My dynamism

What are your best in and out qualities? Hardwork and Smartwork

How did you get to know about zegist: I always get the mail o! Probably I signed up in my dreams

Any feeback? :woman_technologist::woman_technologist::woman_technologist:


Boda Jide is here :raised_hands:t4::raised_hands:t4::raised_hands:t4:


Lol… You are humorous and I like that!

Welcome Jide.


Itunu! Kai kai :joy:
I’ve been here on a ghost mode. About 3years ago.

The mails nor dey make me rest, I say make I kuku check it out.


Hey Thanks @Mira glade to be here. Still trying to get familiar with interface and all though… Does Zegist have a mobile app ?

My name is Femi Odejide also known as JF (Of late people like @evansakanno say i look like Lasisi :thinking:)

I’m a graphic designer aspiring to be a UI/Ux Designer, web developer and other forms of visual design

What’s awkward about you? Mehn… you never see it coming sometimes . But mostly i think my food combo at times is the most awkward

i Like hanging out, traveling, having fun generally, like learn new stuffs and trying things out. I like MONEY also :grin: Turnoffs, rudeness, ego, dishonesty

What would you never be caught doing?

Stealing, Fraud

What makes you proud of you?

Value i am able to create, easily flow with strangers and i don’t make life difficult ( i forgive too easily and i rarely complain about anything, i’m mostly thankful ):blush:

What are your best in and out qualities?

Generosity.( when it’s in my power)
Listening skills.
Eagerness to learn and evolve
Ready to go out of my way for others
Motivating & inspiring
and lots more

How did you get to know about zegist:
Virtually every cregital staff i follow on IG post about it on their stories one time or the other and via Cregital’s IG handle itself so i finally signed up after having Zegist all in my face for monthssss

and that is a brief bio about me. Bet we all get to know each other more…

I’m on every social media platform as : @itz_jf

Thank you :blush:


:joy: ghost mode is not good o! Your contribution is needed here! Zegist is a cool place with beautiful people :dancer::dancer: I hope you won’t return to ghost mode!!!


You do


You can always slide into my DM if you have any issue. About the mobile app, we will get one soon, but for now, if you are browsing with Chrome, you can add Zegist to your home screen.

I’m glad you are glad. :smiley:

Hello Femi, you are a very handsome guy and Lasisi is also handsome. So don’t shy away from the resemblance pair.

@Adetokunle come and say hello to your twin brother. He also has weird food combo. :joy::joy:

Me too!

Yeah, sure. Welcome once more.


Blood :smile::smile::grin: