Lets Talk About You


Wetin b ur own? :laughing::laughing:


Lol… I just found your twin bro for you. Just say thank you.


Amazing @Azzy. Nice Profile you’ve got there.


Nice Nice Profile.


Thanks @Hrmkaiye Bobo: #runsAway#:crazy_face:




Hahahahaha. You don’t need to @brownsucre Oya come back. I’ll answer. Lol…


I know you wud answer :grinning:


Name: Ajakaiye Precious Ifeoluwa

Job Title or Business/Company: Banker

Awkward: Hmmm, too gentle and can be so quiet at times. And can be so shy too sometimes. Lol.

Likes and Turnoffs: I’m a Music/Football Fan. I detest Proud peeps and people who talk carelessly.

What I would never be caught doing: Smoking

What makes me Proud of me: My Upbringing, My Values and My Character.

Best in and out qualities: Understanding, Responsible, Gentle, Polite, Ambitious, Patient, Caring, Creative.

How I knew about Zegist: My amazing friend @Yeye introduced me to Zegist.

Birth Date: August 26

Feedback: Zegist is amazing. I enjoy every topic and feel like we are family here. Amazing People we’ve got on this platform. Much Love People. #OkBye.


But seriously is your brother single and ready to mingle. (please eh do not let anybody know about this.)
@Mira is only helping me shoot my shot indirectly.


My Dad’s birthday mate! :heart_eyes:


Oya leggoooo.


Too gentle ke? Your comments says otherwise o


:rofl: my brother is very single but not yet ready to mingle (trust me no one knows :wink:


I see!
I’ll try!
Thanks jare!


Yeah rii @Otumininu… Maybe because I have been trying hard to come off that shell and be an Outspoken person right now. So I try to talk well enough when opportuned. But ehn ehn, my comments says I’m not gentle, but physically is when you’d confirm if I am or not. Lol.


Thanks girl


Wow, Finding it a bit hard to believe. I probably have to meet him and take a picture together


Hmm alright, thanks.