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A super duper welcome to the Zegist family. We’re super glad you signed up here and trust me, this is home. Feel free to join in the conversations too, we would love to read from your wisdom bank.

Let’s meet you here :point_down:


Name : Ekene
Business; Entertainment…music producer
Akward; Boring
Likes; food and food, piano sound , I like woman o.
Turn off ; unhealthy discussion. Low battery.
My self makes me proud . My contents.
Best quality . Unimaginable things .
Zeegist post from admin .


Hmm thanks again for the welcome😊
Name : Zinny
Job title. Ermm okay let me go with the informal Am a freelance Tv presenter , Model and Pageant Coach. outside that I sell beautiful braided wigs ladies . Feel free to say hello on IG @ziniex
Awkward : Uhmm I think I have a creepy way of staring at someone when am focused :joy::joy:
Likes and turn off : like everything nice, turnoff by an untidy person.
What would i never be caught doing? They are plenty lol, but let me just go with killing a human.
Proud of me. What makes me proud of me is my ability to be who I am gracefully and charismatically. Just by knowing that I am not easily distracted from what I know is right makes me proud.
Best qualities in and out : In has to be the sincerity of my heart and spirit. Out has to be my smile and my eyes * winks *:grin::wink::wink:
How i got to know Zegist : Mehn long story haha, @nifex007 how did i get here? But ironically i was already here even before I got here physically :joy::joy: how cool :blush:. Nice platform all together.
Birthday : 14 March
So yah! I look forward to reading and contributing… Cheers


Name: Amar

Business: ready-to-wear and custom Dress making. Ig @amar_clothiers

What’s Awkward about me: I’m outwardly boring but I know how to entertain myself :grin:

Likes and turnoffs: I like self respect and I’m turned off by pride

I’ll never be caught seeing Telemundo. No, never!

My zealousness makes me proud of me. I can want something and stick around. Call me stubborn :smirk:

My best qualities: well, I’m a good listener. When I keep my ear for you ehn, you wouldn’t b able to hold back. And I can smile for Africa

I heard about Zegist from @Badmeat and his brother whom I’m yet to know his username. They keep talking about Zegist

Feedback? Chill… I just came jor. I need to explore :smile:


Name Glory Edem
Business:baking of cakes and pastries @Gee’s cakes
What’s awkward about me is i shake during an eye contact,shyness will swallow me up :joy::joy:
My likes are:Intelligent and humble people turnoff:pride
What i would never be caught doing is smoking :grinning:
What boost my pride is when I succeed in a particular goal after much consistency
My best in and out qualities are friendliness and being real
I got to know about zegist via Facebook i saw a captivating story and i followed up due to my curiosity
Birthday:21st May


Your own is long oo.

Anyways just call me Ayesha
I’m fun, open minded and straightforward
I can eat for Jerusalem
Degree holder in Biomedical Science
1st year Student of Nursing
If any body cross my lane I’ll put them in their place.
That aside, I’m very calm and chill.
I knew about zedgist through a friend


Thank you very much @mira for the sweet welcome… Didn’t even expect it.
Anyhoo… I am Erica, a content creator and digital marketing strategist (I am still looking to add more titles in the nearest future though like ocean diver, pilot…).
i think i have a lot of akward sides to my personality but maybe the most obvious would be the fact that i am ambidextrous and i still sulk on my tongue when i want to go to bed.
I love integrity, drive and passion and I am totally turned off by dirty people and dirty places.
I can’t be caught ever in a tiny space and i am proud of myself because of the strength, drive and flexibility I have been blessed with.
My best physical qualities would be my smile while the Inward would be my inability to stay angry.
Finally!!! I get to the end! phew!.. I heard about Zegist via Instagram.
Thank you once again for reaching out.


Hillary (berry)
Web developer

What’s awkward about you?
I don’t know if I age at all :sweat: but been like this for as long as I remember. Also I m shy around new people :zipper_mouth_face:

What are your likes and turnoffs?
Money, technology, intelligent people
:roll_eyes: turnoffs? Hmm

What would you never be caught doing?
Dancing. Oh yeah even the best spy wont catch me doing that :nerd_face:

What makes you proud of you?
My Life

How did you get to know about zegist:
From the internet


Name: Benjamin
student… Animator, 3d Artist (IG: xanegraphics)
awkward: i’m tall, and i dont know how to stop looking down on people :expressionless:
i like games, movies, animating, like to meet new people etc
have been caught doing everything
What makes you proud of you?: i never stopped dreaming
qualities: i dont have a stable quality… but change, in a good way


So u’ve killed someone before?




lmao, i wouldnt be here if i have :sweat_smile:


like i’ve been caught doing everything i’ve done more than ones