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introducing Myself…

Name: John Femi Shittu

Job Title or Company/ Business: Photographer, Graphic designer, I do music part-time…:)

What’s awkward about you? I dote on technology news like a kid with his favorite toy

What are your likes and turnoffs? I like good things and few naughty stuff… I don’t like bad stuff…

What would you never be caught doing? I don’t know, smoke?

What makes you proud of you? Me! The idea of me and what am capable of doing… Accomplishments

What are your best in and out qualities? I see situations in 4D… I can get along with just about anyone.

How did you get to know about zegist: hmmm… I typed gist in the Facebook search box, then puff… Zegist was part of the results… Then I saw some cool articles

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Any feeback?

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Welcome Femi! We’re glad to have you here.

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Welcome to Zegist! :dancer::dancer:

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Let’s meet you here


I am Oluwanifise
Front end developer intern at Cregital
I get anxious at the sight of needles and I can’t tip toe
I love music and I get turned off by bad grammar
I would never be caught wearing heels
My open-mindedness
Vague as it may be, my heart is my best quality, in and out
Through a friend
March 14


this is me :sob:


Welcome, Oluwanifise. Fine girl with dimples :dancer::dancer::dancer:


I am Adekunle
Assistant Supervisor
I have a fast heartbeat when I see a girl with heavy duty
I like music and internet, I hate lies
Smoking and Drinking
My level of honesty
I cant really say
Facebook post
19 March


:rofl::rofl::rofl: clown


Welcome, Adekunle.

@Adetokunle, come and see your eerrrrmmm… Namesake here. :smiley:


Well thats me, i just dont know why​:nerd_face::nerd_face:


Had to get a test done the other day. Thank God I got a nice doctor. He opened the windows for me and helped me breathe :joy:




lol… The needle would have made you suffocate? :joy::joy:

I get it shaa. Doctor, please wait, let me breathe in and out first 🤦


:joy::joy: I legit felt like my head was gonna roll right off my body, but I’m alive. I made it! :dancer: Hopefully I won’t see another needle for a long time



Hey dear, just in case you are yet to do so, please update your birthday via your profile. Thanks.


I’ve done that :+1:


Call me Martha.

Work with the National government of kenya( Identify,implement and oversight of community projects at a designated jurisdiction).
Akward about me- find it hard to lie.
Likes- Love everything that life offers.
Would never be caught praying with my eyes open.
I love my height.
I learn about zegist online through quora.com


Yah! We have another sombori in Kenya.:dancer:
You welcome Martha!