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Hello Martha, welcome to Zegist! We’re super glad to have you here. :dancer::dancer::dancer:

@KubasuInyanya come and see your sister from Kenya.

Yaaaaasss! Please update your birthday via your profile.


Thanks alot gal




Yaaaaasssss!!! Welcome sissy :hugs::hugs::hugs:

  • I am Owosakin, Oluwafeyisayo Tonia
  • A student of English and a writer.
  • Uhm… I am a lover of music and without it I feel incomplete.
  • I love honesty in everything. I despise bossy attitude, pretentious living and living to please people.
  • Lol. I will never be caught fighting cause I don’t fight.
  • Sport - swimming, running.
    Singing, writing stories,poems and drama.
    Learning new things most especially language.
  • Through a friend who posted on her WhatsApp status about #ThisisNigeria.


Welcome Tonia. You are beautiful.

Teach me how to swim, please! :smile:


Hi twinny!

Oh I dislike this also. I could never be friends with anyone like this. Never!

In the end, it’s not always worth it. Same applies to arguments for me. I tend to remove myself from such situations.

Awesome! Then you stand a greater chance of benefitting from Zegist. The community rewards those who come up with the highest interactive thread at the end of each month.

We look forward to learning from you here. Welcome to the family. And hey, if you have trouble navigating the platform, don’t hesitate to call out for help.


Awwwn… Thanks so much…
I am so happy to be here.


Lol… I won’t mind doing that… But distance…you know


Nice to meet you @kachie @mira


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Welcome To Zegist!

I’m sooooooooooo thrilled to meet you guys. :dancer::dancer::dancer:

We’re a wonderful community and we would love to know more about you…

So introduce yourself… Using this :point_down:


@pretyprexy has set a table before us… New members, food is ready! @Otumininu, please come and dish the food. :smile:


Name: My full name is TARIMOBOERE Blessing Philip. I’m an Ijaw girl from Bayelsa, Nigeria.

I’m a writer. I started my blog www.tarealsink.wordpress.com a few months ago.

I can be very shy and very open. Depends on the setting and place.

I like an honest, creative and team driven but independent person. I like a neat place. I don’t like liars and cheats. I dislike reptiles.

I would never be caught… biting someone in public or having a tattoo

I’m proud of the milestones I’ve made as a person. I’m certainly a better writer than I was years ago and I think I’m a better person.

Well, I can be very friendly, helpful and loyal. As to my out qualities, well I believe beauty is the eye of the beholder but I like my eyebrows and the colour of my eyes

I got to know about it through a competition. Nice website though. I really like the layout.

Yes. Thank you for reaching out to me. I really appreciate it.

September 18th.


@Mira u are looking for my trouble o. Why are you teasing me with food picture? Make I no just see u o :woman_facepalming:t4:


My name is Ogundemuren Ruth. I am currently studying mass communication at Unilag.
I am an artist. Brand name: demuren ruth.
I am extremely shy among people I don’t know or that I have just met. I am also extremely troublesome among people I know.
I like honest and funny people. I don’t like people that look down on others.
I will never be caught lying about who I am.
I am proud of where I am, surrounded by my friends.
I got to know it through the 'this is Nigeria’s competition. It is a really cool platform. I love it.
Thank you​:grinning::blush:


My name is Tamarauemi Joy Omomo (you can just call me Tamara😄)
I am a social media and digital marketing strategist.
I am also a fashion designer and a stylist.

I am selectively quiet and shy.
I am really weird. Have a crazy fashion style (a minimalist with the edgy touch).

I’d loved to tint my hair earth green, pierce my nose etc but they said I won’t find a “responsible” man to marry. Please responsible men here is that right?

Ermmmm…I am a sucker for trap music. I love good content generally. Horror movies, sci-fi, just something unusual.

And I am one of the few Nigerians that cannot dance shaku shaku​:see_no_evil::see_no_evil::see_no_evil:

Best qualities are 1) I have a great smile that “illuminates” 2) I have the ability to sell anything (well I am an advertising copywriter so that works) and others…lol

I have been seeing stuffs about zegist since. I am a fan of Cregital. But joined because I am one of the organisers of the academic summit in Unilag.
My birthday is September 15th.


I love you too maami, I love you too.


Mekitmfon AwakEssien (TalentedMekit)

Job Title or Company / Business

  • National Volunteer Team Leader @ VSO Nigeria
  • Director of ICT @ AREAi
  • CEO @ (Currently not to be disclosed. Just watch closely :flushed:)
  • Fulltime Volunteer at everywhere impact is being made.

What’s awkward about you?
I am energetic when others are kinda in a dull mood and dull when others are in an energetic mood. I most times myself up to work for hours until I perceive GOOD FOOD.

What are your likes and turnoffs?
I like honest, organized, neat and time conscious people. Oh… Of course, I like GOOD FOOD
I totally dislike pretence, liars and bad food.

What would you never be caught doing?
Erm…:thinking: I would never be caught piercing any part of my body or discouraging anyone from doing anything positive and impactful.

What makes you proud of you?
Oh Yes… I am proud of being NIGERIAN, I am proud of who I am, what I have achieved at a young age and I am definitely proud of the positive impacts I have made.

What are your best in and out qualities?
Hahahaha… Abeg stop nah… You want me to start bragging about myself… You know I don’t like it…
I am friendly, loyal (even if it doesn’t totally benefit me), an amazing team player. As for the out I don’t know if fills these criteria I love to talk (I don’t just talk, I communicate), I am dark skinned :wink:

How did you get to know about zegist:
Through, Cregital on Instagram… I am their biggest and I totally look up to them… Watch out @evansakanno we will meet soon.

Any feedback?
You guys rock… I love the flexibility this platform… I know we are all fighting against the use of hard drug but this platform is on steroids :muscle:.

When is your birthday?
May 7th.


Lol… Another foodie with a funny intro… :joy::joy:

Welcome. Please update your birthday via your profile.


Hello Tamara,welcome to Zegist.

Please update your profile picture, so we can be illuminated by your amazing smile :heart_eyes:

Thank God I’m not alone :joy:

Please update your birthday via your profile