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Hi Ruth. You attended Ronik sec. school with your elder sister Deborah right?


@Kachie, yes, I did😊. Did you?


Yes I did. Your sister was a set ahead of mine. I doubt if you’d know me though, but I do know you. :blush:


Ohhh… I recognise you… Nice to see you again​:blush::blush:


Same here dear! :blush::blush:


Name: Ade Babalola, analyst @MTN Nigeria, ambivert, swimmer, cartoon contributor, i like all things tech and em… food, can’t be caught arguing which religion is true or false, turn off is negative vibes, proud I’m still standing despite the odds. how i heard about Zegist?.. em, i can’t remember o! But you guys rock and its great to be here.


Hello, my fellow ambivert. Welcome to Zegist.

@pretyprexy @Judy @Otumininu @Adetokunle, meet a member of the foodie club. Please serve him with the latest delicacies. :yum:

Yaassss! We love you too :heart_eyes:. Do join in the conversations. We would love to always read from you.


Hey fine man :crazy_face: I hear you like food… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Welcome to the club… I use to be the President but my tenure is over… @Otumininu leads the squard now…


Lol… @Otumininu oya come and do your job as the chief chef and president. Your mother-in-office, Precious, has handed over to you.


Mama, Why me? :rofl::rofl:

Right on it :walking_woman::walking_woman::walking_woman:

@CrownBabalola manage this from my kitchen. @Mira will serve you water or coke


These eggs sha… :joy:


Hello, @Stivin @P-wise @South152 @oluchi_nsofor @deo @kol @Hennikay @Peace_Agofure @Kim_Eddy @Godgift_Joee_Onyeanu @Babat @Tee-I @Ibukun @Ojiefoh_John @mofe @Akan_Bassey @eleobum @Lydia @Kryptos @alphonsus_udosen @shalom @Joshhowo @Abdul_Razaq @Sanmarinez @thekinglaolu @Ayomide @cesm @Obinna_Eval_Isiguzo @avdeebing @Muridell @Foluso_Oyebanjo @Ebube_Roberts @mowa @Pelumi @Joseffff @Richard_Adeniyi @Becky_Bonaparte @PeteJobi @wonder @chigozie_Ibuchi @captainrheal @SuleiMann_Harun @Fort_Links @Unorthodoxdaniel @QueenEsther @Rock @Levi @rocks @fope_Davies @Seunfunmi @iFemora @DammTee @Deeh @Omotola @lawalstyle @Olumide_Bamgbelu @Gentle_touch @lawalstyle @mary @Abraham @Funyi_Igiri @Mabo_Duke @Jammizzy @ElohimDeScarface @Jegz @lizzi @Philip1 @oliverbella @Sussy @Moses @kelley @gonp @Tomi_Anita @Chidinmaa @Precious99 @Isaac @Topetheblogger @Chidinma_ORR @Lawal @Loveday_Onyegbule @simplicity9 @The_Jorel @Omolaraniyi @Juwonoredola @Henry @crank @NnekaIjioma @Olutola_Taiye @Oluwalino @Nifemi98 @Ken_flygerian @Dawn @Dami @Taiwo @dejobs @Just_temi @Oyebanji_Lanre @Akinrinmade_Oluwatob @Eliaschord @Banjii @Ernest_Aleshinloye

Welcome to Zegist!

My ears, heart and mind are waiting to hear the juicy introduction of yourself here using these questions…

Ermmmm… You can add if you’re single or married too… Male or female… Some people are wife hunting :joy::joy:


I’m Shehu Idris Ọ́lanrewaju Abefe Tẹjumọla but somehow, despite my swell pool of beautiful names, the best nickname I could come up with was ‘Eégún Mọgaji👹’. I’m a wanna be writer, poorly aping and uncritically regurgitating every author I read. My What’sApp contacts and Facebook friends are my beta-audience suffering from my incessant purge of nuisance. I currently write for Spotkick.com.ng, a new pro-Nigerian football website that I co-founded with some friends.

I have a bundle of awkward attributes but the chief of them is my nose. It’s like God stuffed the remaining clay, which he used sparingly on my flat ‘yansh’, into my face and poke holes into it. The damn thing is too wide. You don’t wanna see me flare them, picture one of Daenerys Targaryen’s dragon flapping it’s great wings while perched on a small stone. I get turned off by anything that has anything to do with academics (I’m sorry Daddy. I’m sorry Mummy). My hobbies are sleeping, procrastinating and killing lions with my bare hands…in my dreams ofcourse.

I learnt about Zegist through the organizers of The Academic Summit and their fantastic #ThisIsNigeria competition. And so far, I love what I see. I think I really want to be part of this community of millennials sharing thoughts peaceful without all the noises and absolutely unnecessary savagery that’s overtaking famous social media platforms.

August 20th. Iṣẹṣe Day - The day for the Yòrubá gods. I’m also esoteric myself. :wink:

I’m obviously single and man dey ready to mingle ooo😊


Oh my! You are so funny!! Nice sense of humor mehn! :joy::joy:

Another August born. Update it via your profile if you are yet to do so. Thanks.

Oya, do well to shoot your shots well.


@Kachie @Aje @Dapomola @Judy @Otumininu this guy’s sense of humor is lit mehn!


I swear down! I like him already!! Welcome home @Mogaji


Writer(in the making)(I own a few unpopular and stale blogs)
I can’t dance (at all)
I like sincere people, honesty, maturity and people with good sense of humor
*Some people tell me I sing well but I’m currently in denial, nevertheless I love singing
I dislike insolence… it’s a huge turnoff… cockiness also
*I will never be caught fist fighting or being a bully.I prefer to walk away or just talk it out
I’m proud of my self controlled temperament…I don’t easily snap
*I have a good heart tbh and more often than not I have good intentions…also open minded(it’s a good thing you chose to leave out the what are your flaws kinda question)
*Ermm I guess the internet?..but for real I was probably surfing the net then I found zegist
*It’s a wonderful platform and I’m happy to be here
*17th April
Also single hehe I almost forgot that one


Hello sweethearts @zegisters!

We have amazing new members among us! Really amazing.

The ongoing competition ushered in a lot of new members to this beautiful community, and because of the amazing and massive number of sign ups, we haven’t been able to welcome them officially!

@Adetokunle @Aje @Alfred @Tuhmehskeh @Dapomola, how far with the drinks our Zaddy @evansakanno bought the other day? Oya bring out the best wine and serve our new siblings!

Chief chef @Otumininu, please what’s on the food menu for today? Please when day break, serve your new siblings… They came from a far place and they need to eat well.

Meanwhile, our lovely members: old & new, if we are yet to meet you, please let’s meet you here.

Tell us about yourself using this format:

Feel free to view old topics and comment on them too. You could click on the categories to check out topics. We would love to read from you!


Thank you, @mira. It’s wonderful to be on board here.

My name is Hassan Oluwatobi. These days, though, I’m more popular as Designfreak :sweat_smile: , you know, brand Identity and all…

I run DesignFreaksWorld, a graphic and web design start-up that has been growing over the past couple of months. I double as a content/and copy writer. I help people and fellow start-ups reach a lot more customers. I deserve accolades, yeah?

The most awkward thing about me has to be my inability to speak my local language. :man_facepalming:. No, scratch that, I’m learning!

I’m turned off by bank balance statements that aren’t up to a thousand naira. Very heartbreaking something!

And my likes, I fear they are far much more than those on my #ThisIsNigeria entry! Sad, isn’t it? I know that can change.

I would never be caught dancing one corner. Even my shadow will be flogged if he ever tries that thing.

Call me a narcissist, but I’m proud of my face, my ability to proffer solutions, my ability to do the impossible and yes, my handwriting. :slightly_smiling_face:

As for best qualities, Where do I even start from? I should hope Zegisters find that out themselves. I can’t spend all day typing what my best qualities are when those or some of those qualities obviously annoy certain people.

Zegist reared it’s head into my life via a WhatsApp broadcast. I’m still thankful I got that broadcast.

My birthday is sometime in March. Err, what day is that again? Allow me a while to check my birth certificate, will you? I’ll be back…


My name is Adedeji David.
Am a student and also an electrician.
the only thing that is awkward about me is that am nt used to many social life.
i am turn off by zero top up on my bank acct
and i am turned on with good health
i can never be caught listening to music on my phone
i am proud to be wat i am nw and m proud of my look
am best in playing football; reading and many others and also am best in cracking jokes around…just make people laugh
i saw this on my llaystore down load the app anf i found it intersting
my birthday holds every one day in september****