Lets Talk About You


Hello @DesignFreak and @DY_Oluwagbemiga thanks for letting us meet you.

Hassan, we are thankful you didn’t ignore that broadcast message; it led you to us!
David, we are glad play store wanted us to meet someone amazing like you!

I trust you both have a lot to share with us here. Do well to join in the conversations. And yes! Update your birthday via your profile… Writing it on this thread isn’t just enough. Enjoy the weekend.


My name is @Williams_Andem
I’m a UI/UX designer
I think the fact that at this my age, I’m still learning my language I find it awkward.
I like artworks and interesting people.
Hmm my turnoff is bleaching cream😒.
Hmm my ability to profer solutions to problems makes me proud of me.
In & out qualities erh? :zipper_mouth_face::zipper_mouth_face:
Cregital oooo on their IG page
Proudly a March born- 1st


Thanks Mira!
My name is Kiitan Aiyepola, you’re free to come up with any nickname you wish.

I’m a free lancer( still at the early stage, but one none the less)

Everything I’d have to say. I’m an awkward person in general and my insane obsession for pandas

I LOVE FOOD, people who are real and soft animals. I despise time wasters and annoying pesky insects, flying bugs to be exact.

I would never be caught eating sashimi, never!! It’s so cold and mushy ugh!

I’m proud that I’ve learnt to be me totally and not adjust or pretend to be someone else because of people. I’ve learnt to be me for me.

Hehe! I like this one. I’m a jolly person ( except when you eat my food😭) I give the best hugs, or so I’ve being told, My cooking skills are amazing - chef Kitty Ann coming through- and I can sing!!! Not as good as Lana del Rey ( is that how her name is spelt? Eh!) But I try. There are a lot more, but I’m getting tired of typing, so…

Through a WhatsApp broadcast

It’s July 29!!!

Thanks Again Mira​:heart::heart:


Lol @bleaching cream. Welcome Williams. :wink:


Mama @Kiitan @Kiitan_Mojeed you people should come and see your namesake here!

Would you love to be called Kitten? :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Freelancer on what exactly? Let’s know your niche!

Okay! I see where the fat panda came from.

You have partners here. Dey many. Don’t worry, type official food thread via the search icon and see for yourself.

#Hugaddict #Hugina #Hugist. :joy:

Very good! Zegist meals for our first timers would be your duty to serve!
Please update your birthday via your profile. You haven’t done that, I know.


I don’t mind being called kiiten🙃

I write articles, create blog contents… things like that

Thanks I Will!!!


I will gladly serve!!
Alright alright, I’ll do it now.


You are all welcome to @Zegist.
Learn. Connect. Grow


@fat_panda @Williams_Andem @DesignFreak @DY_Oluwagbemiga you’re all welcome… @mira I can’t find any drink in the fridge, how did they disappear :roll_eyes:
All this design people Shu comman teach somebody ooo


Hey, glad to have you join the community

I know the feeling…I think.

Or not actually.

Yes it can, but act fast sha. There are only 4 days to go.

Welcome again, I’m sure you’ll like it here.


Hello @DY_Oluwagbemiga, nice to have you here.

About this though…what???



Welcome bro!


Hello @fat_panda, glad you decided to join us.

Makes two of us



Kiiten it is then :slightly_smiling_face:




Thnx @Dapomola


Didn’t no one tell you? :tipping_hand_woman:

DesignFreak attacks first! I cleared out the fridge already.

And as for wanting to learn designing, just forward some millions to my account. Your design skills would be greater than some of the most powerful superheroes.


My type of person.


Hello @Toye_Moyege, can we meet you?

We would love to know more about your type of person. :wink:


Hi! @Mira, feels awesome to be on this platform.
I’m Idowu Taiwo and I’m a Graduate Trainee in an Engineering firm. I also freelance on Graphic Design and Editing.

Honestly, nothing more awkward than me joking at awkward times.

I’m a Music lover, technology poacher and love to read up stuffs either online or paper. Noise turns me off as well as unproductivity.

I won’t be caught being dishonest and fooling around although that’s an unrealistic one.

My Uniqueness and an ability to learn, unlearn and relearn.

I am best at taking interest in meeting people who share same views or interest with me. I am best in researching on topics I find interesting. I am also beat in playing Keyboard and Oratory, of course not the World Best😁.

I knew Zeigist via #ThisisNigeria contest and I want to applause the initiator of this medium. So easy to express your thoughts, get awesome and honest comments.

My Birthday is in few days, check my profile for an update😎 .
Gracias @Mira


Alright, let’s see…
I’m still a student,
I really don’t adjust quickly to new crowds
Like food, an insightful discussion and music, turnoffs are celeb gossips, prideful arguments, and dirty talks.
I’m proud I’m stilling forging ahead
I’m nice and easy to talk to and associate with, disciplined too.
I just kept getting emails, especially from @Mira like every day, so just wanted to see what the fuss was about.
No feedbacks yet, still observing.