Lets Talk About You


Zegist is an amazing place for you to read up stuffs, you know. You can read through old topics and contribute too!

Very important.

Alright dear. Happy birthday in advance to you. Be sure to update it if you are yet to do so. :wink:


Name: Mary Fadare

Job Title or Company/Business: Creative Director, Starlite Digital (Consulting + Branding + Marketing Agency) follow @starlitedigital on IG

Awkward: endless stream of male friends. I sometimes wonder if I should have been a guy myself :slight_smile:

Likes: Intelligence and Integrity in people

Turnoffs: Materialism

Never caught doing: Pounding yam:joy::joy::joy:

Best in and out : Intelligence + Hardwork

How did I know about zegist: From @evansakanno and @theimisioluwa

Feedback : Nice place to be

Birthday : 10th April. . . I’ll be clocking the big 2-0 next year!


Welcome :blush:


Thank you! :grin:


Welcome to zegist villa😀


Ẹ kaabo o


So I joined a while ago but didn’t see this. I’ll just do mine now.

Name: Olalekan Owonikoko (theimisiOluwa)
Job Title: I’m a Pan-African Ethnomusicologist and future Music Psychologist. I run BreathEdge Music Co-a music solutions company, and Music for Development-a community impact organization. I am a WordPress web ‘designer’.

Awkward: I can’t sleep without a cover-cloth, even in the heat. And if I so much as wake up and can’t find a cloth covering me, I could remove the curtains, or slide under the mattress. (I don’t even understand how it use to do me).

Likes: Sincerity and Love. Turnoffs: Deception.

Never caught: Lying

What makes you Proud:! Loving and Solving Problems

In and Out : Sincere, Kind, and Loving Heart.

About Zegist: From going to and fro the internet. And then @iamoluwanifise posted on IG.

Feedbacks: This is a beautiful place. And I’m grateful for the rewards I got.

Birthday: January 15.


Welcome dear. :blush:

Bobrisky can coach you on that, you know :wink::joy:


E dey your body :joy::joy:


Hehehehehe. It has tayed.


I missed out on a lot.

I have done this test here before na.


Call me LordModek

I am a business-as-usual operations outlaw,
Akward about me- my love for hot ironed clothes.
Likes- Hot ukwa and good music
Would never be caught copying in exam hall.
Zegist is our heritage, i just woke up one morning and discovered i was a member.


To sum your Dislikes…

You dislike being short


Argue with God


Bros seems your favorite word is Argue o! Welcome to Zegist


Nope, it’s actually not. Pretty much opposite.


Name: Adewumi Adebayo

Job: Software Developer

Hobbies: traveling, Playing Chess, Reading, Fantasy Tennis (I play a lot in my head)

Awkward: Hmmm, Can’t place it, but a lot of people say i’m awkward

Likes: Sense of discipline and willingness to learn

Turnoffs: Pride

Proud of me: Choi too many o, i’m just excited that i’m really comfortable with my own person, able to date myself over and over again, like this part makes me want to tooth my horn but lemme just stop here.

Best Qualities: Sense of humor

Zegist: Honestly i’ve been reading cregital stories @cregital stories for over an hour now and admiring how yeside garrick writes whom i believe is @yeye here and then one thing led to another and here i am a member of less than 15minutes here. In summary stalking kinna got me here

Feedback: None yet, i’m just awed at the organisation of this forum so far. Anyways i’m off to more stalking