Lets Talk About You


@NaijaLander where are you?!



how far ki lo n shele padi mi?


Before they will take @drew from u… I can’t chout ooo




@Drew is my future wife and she knows it. all this one that she’s forming hard to get is just that —> forming.


:joy::joy::joy::joy: Oshey!! Atleast one Zegist Wedding is confirmed…


Hey @pretyprexy @Kachie @boluakindele please welcome our new members

@adeolua24278 @peterudochi @abmoses2000 @wadekoya74 @aema4u @dolasun @adebayomichael007 @agebeolonta @adigweazuka @nana.gyasi.engr @esampson6 @adolphnoble @ajedeehizogie


@adeolua24278 @peterudochi @abmoses2000 @Ajedeehizogie @wadekoya74 @aema4u @dolasun @adebayomichael007 @agebeolonta @adigweazuka @nana.gyasi.engr @esampson6 @adolphnoble

Welcome to the community where all we do is gist [about any and everything]

So, have this as your initiation dinner


Welcoooommme to the Family! We’re so glad to have you all here! @pretyprexy is going to welcome you all in the traditional Zegist way! But for the mean time, please feel at home while you catch up on all the amazing threads we have here…

@adeolua24278 @peterudochi @abmoses2000 @wadekoya74 @aema4u @dolasun @ adebayomichael007 @ agebeolonta @adigweazuka @nana.gyasi.engr @esampson6 @adolphnoble @ajedeehizogie


Wow… Thanks guys for the welcome… and to @boluakindele my chef guy, :yum: Thank you

Welcome Guys to Zegist!!

We would want you to tel us a bit about yourself using this questions… and yeah… A picture to the dp would just be awesome :smiley::clap:t5::clap:t5:

We can’t wait to read all about you friends… Welcome!


New family members here… Can my day be any better? Wow!! :dancer:t5::dancer:t5::dancer:t5::dancer:t5:

Meet them:
@bukolaeboda @lade @adeyemijamesolu @Vicks @Tobi_Gbemisola @adesoji2k2 @Sola @doziek2002 @Queentomie @Bright28 @adeleyeakinola63 @kotunee @olokobamufutau @seyesworld @aamohammed01 @dizegbe @adesholaande @adegoke763 @seun_bee @Okeeks @aadamzon @forreal @latadeyek @agaladoo115 @Nursebetty @dikephil000 @arnolde @Philip @aguqueeneth1989 @Jeddahrasak_Jeddahra @stsemie12 @abbsun @Jadamz @olafimihan2001 @Donkate @aabiola92 @Makush @agboolawesley

Please kindly tell us everything we should know about you here… I can’t wait and if you’ve got any questions, kindly reply or send a DM to me. Love you :laughing:

What’s your favorite meal too? I want to serve you…


Am QueenTomie, managing Directress at Queen Tomie’s Fashion Accessories store. I detest lies, I get to know about Zegist on Facebook… Thanks


don’t we all…


Not all


My Name is Daniel Izebhigie

I’m a Java Programmer(freelance).

What’s awkward about you?
I like football, gaming, food(bread and beans very well: :grin::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::yum::yum: ), movies
i love ladies but i detest cheating, unfaithfulness

I got invited to Zegist


Buckle your seat belt, we’re about to take off.
Don’t mind me
Am Edwin Bassey
A business man deals with cosmetics
am a man of my word, I like gentleness, honesty, politeness and happy people.


This is nice :slight_smile::slight_smile:
There are wonderful ladies here like @ruthameh125 @Judy @pretyprexy and they don’t cheat.


Good to have you here :slight_smile:


Cool! :nerd_face: