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My Name is Omolade Ibikunle
I am a Copywriter with CentrespreadGrey. I am also a fashion & Lifestyle blogger at www.ladesblog.com
My smile. I think it’s not the prettiest.
I dislike fake people (major turn off).
I will NEVER be caught eating Salad.
What a wawu question:thinking: I am proud of myself for so many reasons. People I have helped and inspired, projects I have started and completed, surviving everything life has thrown at me, etc
My ability to quickly adapt to situations and I feel I have very nice shoulders :blush:
I actually got to know about zegist from @evansakanno
Feedback: You guys are cool (will let you know if it ever becomes otherwise)


Lol its no news that guys named Daniel love girls @Aniekan @Judy @pretyprexy lol flee

That beans over there is captivating. I can see myself eating it right now.


@lade you’re welcome.

You should totally share your blog stories with us here. We love to read.


Welcome Queen… (Can you put a face on your DP… I already know you would look really pretty :relaxed:)

Do you have an online store so you can share the link for us to check up?

So nice to have you here… Welcome Home


Hi Daniel… This already shows you’re in the best platform… We’ve gat alot of food lovers here… Welcome Home Boss Man

Thanks for signing up @Daniel:joy::joy:
Let me serve you your favorite


:musical_note: Omolade my lover, i go carry you everywhere :musical_note: :smiley::smiley:
That’s one of my favorite song by Adekunle Gold… You should check it out…

Welcome Home To Zegist Lade

Wow…!! :clap: Sweet… I love bloggers… I hope to read more stories from you on this platform too. Please always share… You can even share some of your old blog posts here… There’s always positive feedback… Trust me. :relaxed:

Same here jare… I really really dislike Salad…

Thanks alot @Lade we’re glad you’re here…


Oh that’s allowed? here my latest post (The Insecurity Tag) http://bit.ly/2fROi9s. You can follow other links from the post


Thanks dearie. Glad to be here. Here’s my layest post http://bit.ly/2fROi9s


You know you can create posts right? Create a post, You can put in the article and a link beneath it for more people to read…




Niiicceeee :grin::grin: I love women in advertising .


I like you already (No homo)
Welcome to Zegist :blush:


Thanks Drew


Thanks Mopelola. :blush:


Welcome to family dear, we hope to see more of you here.


issokay, not even for 30 million dollars? :hushed:


Oh my… new awesome members are here and like always, i’m so exciteeeeeed :dancer:t5::dancer:t5::dancer:t5::dancer:t5:

Welcome Home To Zegist Guys
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We’re so happy you are here and we really really want you to stay happy… So please tell us about you…using this questions below…

Kindly feel free to ask any question here you need to know… We love you :grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:

Where’s @Aje and @Aniekan the chefs? Come and serve my people food o


CelebrityTell is a digital celebrity news magazine,thanks so much for the welcome.


Oh my God!!!:scream: how on earth did I miss this thread. Anyways
Name: Michael Coker
Job: Graphics artist/3d artist, Guitarist, Photo manipulator, beginner photographer, (trained as an architect) aspiring skateboarder
Awkward abt me: love watching tutorials and extreme sports:laughing:
Likes and turnoffs: love intelligent, crazy, physically well crafted, funny peeps. Hate gossips, pretense and snobs. Hate queues and traffic
Never be caught doing: Gossiping, smoking, eating veggies and onions
Best qualities: Being me
Heard about Zegist: via cregital’s website
Feedback: Very dope platform


Wow!! Okay… We hope to get gist from you every time o You’re so welcome!