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Hi guys,

I’m Kosi.
I work at a University in the Communications and Brand Strategy Unit.
I’m a Graphic Designer who’s learning to code.
I don’t know if I’m awkward. I think awkwardness is a relative something
I love books, intelligent conversations, learning generally. Give me goat meat pepper soup and I can help you assassinate someone :grin: I love fine girls on low-cut hair…:grin: ||| I don’t quite like ignorance and I feel uncomfortable around people who swim in it.
I won’t be caught doing what I shouldn’t be caught doing :grin:
I’m ‘proud’ that I have learnt to develop myself and be content with the process without putting myself under vain societal pressures.
Best qualities? I can’t give an objective answer to that ni. When you know me, you’d find out. :wink:


That’s cute… I think they are very pretty too…

That’s the life bro… Seriously if you’re able to pass through that stage then nothing can stop you except you stop yourself…

Welcome To Zegist. We really really appreciate the fact that you signed up for this. Great idea… Welcome!


Thank you


My name is Beauty, am a student of office technology & management in Delta state polytechnic ozoro, am currently doing my HND program. I love making friends and I hope to do that in this platform. I love cooking, reading, travelling, listening to people yes you heard right I can listen for Africa. Am a bit shy lol am single ready to mingle lol just joking thou.


Are you kidding me? Single here too, ready ready zingle. I’m just kidding too :laughing:

Good to have you here, beauty.


Hey beautiful beauty, Welcome to zegist dear You’re sure in the right place and we’re always ready to mingle…but can you see your pretty face on your DP?

Here’s some wine to say thanks for registering :wine_glass: :wine_glass:


Welcome! Welcome! Welcome! friends…

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Feels so great to always welcome new friends to Zegist… So excited… We would love to know every thing about you :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face: Would you do us the honors?

Using these questions below, Just tell us about you:

I can’t wait!!! :woman_cartwheeling:t5::woman_cartwheeling:t5:


Thanks for the initiative.

By nomenclature, I’m Samuel.
Currently an Intern at Dizengoff W.A, an agricultural solution provider and technology information company. Catch us on Social Media (Facebook: Dizengoff Nigeria, Twitter: Dizengoffnig, LinkedIn: Dizengoff Nigeria, Instagram: DizengoffNG, Website: www.dizengoff.com). Though, I basically handle the social aspects and other communication specifications.

The awkward thing about me is that I make people fall in love with me easily. (not deceit though, but it is my nature)

My likes! Actually, I like many things such as good Ad probably on the internet or on billboards, I like averagely slim lady (don’t take it personal). Likewise, I love been at the center of attraction. I think, I better leave the rest for some other moment.

My turnoffs! I don’t like people who elevate themselves more than usual. Also, I dislike people who complain a lot and those who never take things serious.

I wont be caught selling or doing what people mostly detest.

My appearance, intelligence and my look do make proud.

I change games every where I go. What ever I want to do, nothing can stop me.
Out of the board quality that could be traced to me is I give so much trust to people.

With this few lines of mine, I hope I have been able to… Thank You!:grinning::sunglasses:


Thanks for the wine


Lol birds of same weather flocks together lol nice meeting you all


This is English o! Your name is Samuel abi?

Wow… Nice… **Lets watch how you can do that here…)

Meet you specs @Kachie @Aniekan @ruthameh125 @Judy

:laughing::laughing::laughing: Nice! Was great reading about you…

Welcome Welcome To Zegist !!!

I hope its been easy using the platform… right? Any feedbacks for us?


Correct! You hit rightly.


Hmm… Nice! Thanks for grading


That’s a cool challenge. I think I have to act fast as possible:sunglasses::sunglasses::grinning:




Sure, I always find my way. I appreciate your concern.


My name is Tumininu.

I am a tailor and my brand is @styllit_outlook on IG. Do check us out :grin:

I like amala, hardworking people and full beards. I get turned off by people who get too comfortable and overstay their welcome.

I will never be caught smoking.

I’m proud of my zeal for success and how hardworking I am.

My best quality is my kindness and ability to see d good in people.

I found out about zegist on olorisupergirl’s page.

No feedback for now

I hope this is enough for an introduction


Oya naa!! :raised_hands::raised_hands: Gbayii!!


Wow… Your name sounds nice, Where are you from? like your state of origin?

Wow… Sounds nice… I’ll check it out.

Full beards? Well, we have them too if you’re searching :thinking: i don’t know if you’re a male sha o

Oh wow… That’s nice. Welcome home to zegist dear! We’re glad you registered… Tomorrow will be exciting

Here’s wine for you :wine_glass: