Lets Talk About You


Temidayo Richard Adeshina
Trading Representatives Soji Commodity Trading Ltd (West Africa)

What’s awkward about you?
I till watch cartoons with my little cousins with a bowl of cereals.

What are your likes and turnoffs?
My likes :+1:t4:
Baby’s especially the happy ones
I like a good tv shows drama/comedy action
Video games
I like staying @ home most time
Politics. To be clear US politics.
Music genre Rap jcole jayz ,Eminem,logic Kendrick Nasty C, MI,Poe or any genre of good music
Girls with Good sense of humor
Girls that slim and pretty.
Turn off :-1:t5:
Lousy people
People with huge Ego
People that are not realistic
Self centered

What would you never be caught doing?

What makes you proud of you?
My momma and grandmother they both might strike a nerve.
She always came through of me or should I say Us. guess what she’s a single momma
I thank you, lord Jesus I’m bragging you were the main source of our lifeline

What are your best in and out qualities?

Diplomacy towards people
Logical reasoning try to make people see what their missing
Fearless I could bring out the chopper and make it rain on you. If it comes to that

How did you get to know about zegist
From a friend
She’s Positively Annoying
She Always Happy
@Drew she’s good people

Feedback I like the interface of the platform It’s beautiful
Its own by a Nigerian
it interactive and informative
amma rate 10/10
great work @Zegist


Kolapo Imam.

I’m currently a Freelance Social media manager/Content Writer.

I consider myself to be a Pro-Stalker, don’t be scared if I attend your family party :joy:. More so I’m naturally lovable!

I like nice poems, Female folks and dislike slow or bad internet connectivity. Naturally I don’t have problems with living being. :+1:

Sleeping in the hot sun :sunny:… Hell No!!!

I’m proud of my :honey_pot: coated mouth, fast independent learning attitude and my cute smile.

I don’t break other records, I normally set an unbeatable record (3 days hunger strike) :scream:.

I’ve been stumbling on the text “Zegist” for a grey long time via Cregital’s Instagram page.

Feedback, let’s end serious argument on ‘Zegist’ with a Meet Up where we can push each others FACE. I box very well too!!

:clap: :clap:


Brother we are in this together :muscle:


I’m from ijebu Igbo in ogun state. And I’m a female o :grin:



Oh my… You’re my dear friend, i do this o! Like i still do… :rofl::rofl::rofl:

awwwwww… :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Should i still mention them? Especially @ruthameh

awwwwwww… Sweet! Thanks @Drew I love you! :heart_eyes:

You’re just a sweet soul Temi… Thanks and welcome to the family…


Serious? Wow… We should chat more… Feels like there’s more to learn from you here… Hope you get to post often here… Do you have a blog?

Okay… I’ll watch out for you :joy::joy::joy:

Oh wow!!! I hope you learnt alot though…

Oh wow… You should have been at our hangout in August… I hope we get to meet you the next time its time

Welcome Home To Zegist dear…

Here’s a glass of wine for you :wine_glass:


Okay, help our ministry by putting up a cute DP o… :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


Is it just me that thinks the word “skinny” sounds rude? Sounds like body shaming to me


Nah i don’t think so… Skinny just means slim i think…


:rofl: i’ve done that


Nobody has mentioned that they’re 17 or a little younger na…I can’t be sliding into the DM of people who are old enough to be my mother…:stuck_out_tongue:…🤷


Then I prefer slim to skinny


:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: You won’t kill me…I’ll advise you don’t o…


Better pickin… You look very beautiful… :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


:rofl::rofl::rofl: are u scared of having a sugar mummy?


:see_no_evil: thank u :heart:


Yes o…:grin:


I like your nails :heart_eyes_cat:


I even use skinny to describe myself :joy::joy:


:joy: thank u :heart: