Lets Talk About You


Yeah, I once operate a Campus blog at Campustrybe but I stopped blogging. You can find my writing on Tolet.com.ng, Moveme.com.ng, Voicesofyouth.org, Medium and some random sites too.

Xiexie for the wine.
I forgot to tell you ayam a Polyglot :hushed:


Hey @judy I’m sorry if it sounded rude, have changed my word slim.Will bear in mind next time :grinning


It’s Ok @Temidayo :slight_smile:. It is not just you that calls slim people skinny anyways, some people say it unconsciously without knowing it’s effect on the person involved. Thank u


Polygot? Who is a polygot?


Multilingual, when you have the ability to use more than 2 languages


Oh wow… Thanks for that… I use to think they were referred to as “linguistics” or something like that…


@Aniekan how are you?


I’m good Williams


I’m okay…at best


Haven’t welcomed new members of Zegist lately… My Bad!!!

Here’s a glass of wine :wine_glass: to accompany my apology :wink:
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So Welcome! Welcome! Welcome!

We want to know about you so tell us by answering a few questions we have already outlined here… :grinning: I can’t wait to read all your interesting replies…


Please oooo. Sorry I’ve been away. Is it too late for me to talk about me??? Hey guys reply oooooooo


Please talk oooo… We always here to listen and connect. Just make sure u specify if you are single or married as we have plenty hunters here


OK, thanks. Am Beatrice, a graduate, single and am a worker. The awkward thing about me is that am too quiet. Hate lies and cheat. What makes me proud if me is that when I intend doing something I don’t relent till my goal is achieved. I got to know about zegist through precious okhimamhe’s link on Facebook. Sorry I’ve been away but truth is post from here are encouraging and its cool being here. What else?


Uncle, ahn ahn. Awon eleyi n zoom sha.




Canon aye…


You’re welcome to the Zegist family and we’re so happy to have you here!!


Aiye o pe meji sir, it’s allowed :joy::joy:


:grinning: No no… I’m still interested…


Awww… :heart_eyes: I’m happy i brought you back here. Welcome, we hope to see you here often…