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Errhm techpoint that keeps me updated on tech matters…i so much follow you people ehn… I will just want to read one story and will end up reading for 1hr, my regards to your people… And the trip u people just came back from , wehdone…Welcome my bro… You will surely enjoy this platform


@pretyprexy see want Santa has caused ooo​:joy::joy::joy:


Shez a SHE​:grin::grin::grin:


Feel at home


haha,thank bro.
I appreciate :grinning:


Please, let’s welcome my sweet friend @Iche_Dee_Vanny :heart::heart:


Hello everyone,

I am Miracle Ugonma Uka-Kalu, but friends and family call me Mira, Mimi, Ugo,etcetera. Anyone you call me, I will answer… na my name.

I’m a content writer/developer, and I’m also into the advertising sector. In other words, I can help you with a killer elevator speech that will make your audience wanting your product and service…You know how e dey be.
Still undergoing training as a digital marketer and some skills too.

Ermmm… everyone is awkward, but I’m guess I’m awkwardly awkward and of course weird. Lol. I love myself like that. Well, I’m quite unpredictable, at times I smile when I should be offended (you know that policy of two persons can’t be mad at a time… plus; I don’t think I’ve ever fought, apart from siblings’ fight that involves no blow… lol)

When I get really pissed off, I usually leave the scene to cry… lol, That’s how I get relieved.

To be continued…


Hi @Mira I love your smile…and your profile pic. :slight_smile:


Hey Mira!! Are you from Ohafia in Abia state? From your name


Her profile pic is so fine!


This ur picture tho :kissing_heart:


Oh baby, thanks!

I love you😍


Yes darling, I am from Ohafia.


Oh, thanks dear!




:heart: love you too darling


My name is Olubunmi Reggie Atere.
I’m a social media manager and content developer… Undergoing training to be a programmer.
I’m terribly clumsy, I either don’t say anything or ramble​:sob::sob: I’m often given a weird look cos of my comfort fashion lifestyle and my being left handed.
I’m a huge fan of travel, music, adventure, sarcasm, cybersecurity, horror movies/books and fun moments.
I terribly hate onions, liars, unaccountability… Can’t remember others for now.
I’m proud I made it this far despite every occurrence that could of have being the end of me and for staying happy.
I’m efficient, nice, tolerant, good at multitasking and proferring solution.
I knew about Zegist through Cregital .
Feedback? Give us an app already!


Awwwn,:smile: …I so much wanted it, but trying to train my left hand sha


Ka o! :blush:


Ka, nwami oma.