Lets Talk About You



I’m picky when it comes to what I eat… Apart from beef, chicken and kpomo which I still select the parts I eat( it’s a no no for assorted blahblahblah), I don’t eat fish, turkey,pork and the rest… I don’t even dare to have a taste. I’m trying when it comes to goat meat, just started eating it of recent.

My eating habit sucks! I eat like someone being forced to eat and I can eat a small plate of food for an hour or more.

I’m sapiosexual, and I love reasonable conversations. Nevertheless, I can flow with anyone. My tolerance level is almost 100%…Jeez!
I love honest people, humorous people (how can you always be too serious, biko? Loosen up jare, it’s not a crime to be crazy sometimes.)
I love to read. @kachie, thank God I have you here :wink:
I love seeing people around me smile! It gives me joy.

I can be very sarcastic, and you need to be humorous to take note of that.

I write, and of course I sing(in the bathroom, kitchen, room…:joy: , but I shaa think I have a good voice)

I dance ( inside the room and church)

I hate pretence, pride, dishonesty, unaccountability, and so on.

Smoke, drink alcohol, steal, fight, envy someone… Dey many.

I love me, and I’m proud of myself and how far God has brought me. It as not been an easy ride, but he just chose to remain faithful.

I easily flow with people, and I’m totally likeable. I love it when I avail myself to proved solutions to a problem. I love it when you smile.

Through Evans Akanno’s timeline.

I totally love this family, and I must say I love what I’m seeing. Kudos to the cregital team. Oya, chop knuckle.

Please, does Zegist have an app? Very needful, you know.:wink:


How can I forget to say I rep the garri nation!

I will finish cooking o, and still go and drink garri…lol

Awkward right? I know, but garri gives me joy too :joy:


Lol! Garri for the goons. Nice Head you got there (pics). Let’s jxt hope that head is not a wig. Btw your smile said it all. Welcome hugs


Oh i enjoy reading posts from Techpoint.ng too… Great job!

hahaahahhaha…and we love crazy people here too… :rofl::rofl:

Sweeet!!! We are of one family… Welcome dear… Welcome!


:yum: I[quote=“Mopelola_Ariyo, post:1899, topic:2902”]
Please, let’s welcome my sweet friend @Iche_Dee_Vanny :heart::heart:

@Iche_Dee_Vanny Welcome Welcome Welcome Home To Zegist… :yum: I’ll be excited to know all about you… Tell us!


Mimi baby… :yum::yum::yum:

Oshey! Barrdest…

Awwwww… You’re cute like that…

Serious… Who offend you na? :joy::joy: So you mean this christmas meat won’t catch your eyes? Chei! I wish i was staying close to you so i can be getting all the meat you refuse to eat.

@Aje do you mind? Add her to your crush list for sapiosexuals :rofl::rofl:

I agree with this one… You’re truly totally likeable… I like you already… You’re quite a great conversationist.

No babey! But you can bookmark the web to your screen if you’re using a chrome browser and it appears like an app…

@Judy can you still fish out that your post on this and tag @Mira to it?

Smh…Somebody that does not like meat but loves garri, is that one a somebody?


My pretty pretty girl… Nice to read about you here…

Interesting… We are in this together… :yum:

:rofl: Abi? We will… But then you can bookmark the web to your homescreen and it appears like an app… Do you use a chrome browser?


A gbapela m :blush::blush:


I got you sister! :heart:


I see you in me… Sorry, I see me in you…:grin: I see many things…

Mind ke? See Double dose of sapiosexual… Stalking her cornstalks…


But @Mira needs a phone first before she can bookmark. Wish we could be of help in that aspect.


Lol… I’m a people and you’re a persons

Laslas shaa, garri is bae!

Garri + sugar + milk + Milo + groundnut = paradise


@Aje, your seeing spirit is waaawu!

Biko, do well to see me in camera too. You gerrit?


@Judy, should I say flesh and blood didn’t reveal this to you?

I guess that’s the case!

Meanwhile, you can still tag me to the post, Santa Claus will remember and visit me soon… I’m praying for everyone’s pocket/bank account, including mine. Divine increase!


Awww mum is from Ohafia…and I might be there this holiday…

Which village? We could meet up. DM :blush:

Ka o.


Lol really. I can be your trainer​:joy::joy:


Aww, that’s great :heart:. Guess we can take the world together. No light so PC has been very much useless.


:joy::joy::joy:Sorry o


Thanks jare


:grinning::grinning::grinning:… I promise you before we meet I must have mastered it