Lets Talk About You


Lol nice



See you in camera. :wink::blush:


Welcome darling


@Mira @Youralibi,you guys are welcome. @Mira your do is captivating with that beautiful smile


Thanks! @ruthameh125, you’re very very very… beautiful!




We have a new family members guys, @Echelon @Yucee @mhizromy @kammy @Kimberly_Woodrum @Misola @dfrenchdude @ggsandu99 @Uwas @Labs @Eileen278 @Mhoyor_19 @Oluwakorede Let’s get to meet you here.

Memories 💕💕. Upload a picture of the little you, let's see. ☺😉😉

Awesome… Waiting to meet you dear…


Hi everyone.
U can call me Eileen. I work for one of the leading oil companies in Africa. Am quiet most of the time.I don’t like chaos. I consider myself as an honest person. I came across zegist while browsing and love how active you all are .
Thats all for now


Awwwwww sweet profile… Can you kindly put up a DP so we can see your handsome or pretty face? :slightly_smiling_face:


:smiley::smiley::smile: Gentle man like you.

According to a school of thoughts, quiet individuals are very knowledgeable, we’ll like to see more of you as you share your thoughts on other posts. Make yourself at home and let our family members welcome you proper. Oh! I hope you’re single and searching too :smiley::smiley:

@drew @Aje @Kachie @pretyprexy @judy @Mira Please let’s welcome our guest, @aje please serve him a chilled bottle of fanta


Welcome on board sis @Eileen278. Let’s sail the Zegist ship together. :slight_smile:

I used sis to address you because of the topic you created earlier.


meanwhile you can join me in eating!!


@Eileen278 please coman settle this drama… Are you a “him” or “her”? :joy:




Looks like how somebody I know usually eats @pretyprexy…how far now?

@Eileen278 welcome on board. Are u a she?


this one doesn’t look like she wants to share at all :rofl::rofl:


there are now three types of gender in Nigeria, an “He”, a “She”, and and “Himshe”

:rofl::rofl::rofl: very subtle


Am a girl


Yeah! I was right mehn!

Welcome once again, sis. :grinning: