Let's talk Football, transfer window


Its no news that Cristiano Ronaldo just moved to Juventus from Real Madrid for €105 million, and bookmakers have place odds that this move would shake the footballing world as different players would move from different clubs…would huguain leave juve, would Madrid buy Neymar or Hazard…what’s ur take


My own take is that, as CR7 has moved to Juventus, I have moved with him too. :rofl::rofl:


Ahhhh…lolz…but doesn’t mean u should move with him…am a Madrid fan before and after CR7, but would now be a Juve fan bcos of CR7…but if juve plays Madrid, am with Madrid all the way


I also feel its right time he move as age is catching up with him


I’m a Man Utd fan and a CR7 fan :joy::joy:


Yeah yeah it’s mode for signings for clubs as Mahrez is leaving Leicester city for Man City for €68 million, a good deal for a very good player. As for cr7 I’m also moving with him to Juve :joy: Madrid can Gerraout :grin: especially because of what Ramos did to Sallah in champions league final :unamused:.


Lolz… But mahrez moving to Man city is a very bad move, who exactly does he want to bench in a team that has silva, De bruyne, bernado Silva, sterling, aguero, Jesus, sane …I just don’t understand… He would have had more playing time @ Arsenal with their new gaffer…


Before CR7, there was Madrid, Madrid would certainly go to the market for a galatico who would take over from where he stop, expect eida hazard, neymar, mbape…