Letter to my team mates


Dear All

A single candle cannot give enough light to a large hall, but multitude of candles can produce so much
light. Rosa.K

I want to appreciate everyone for your commitment and your contribution to The growth of this community. I pray God will reward us all.

Your contribution to the growth of a community is the seed to the development of that Community Francis Odeyemi

I have some expressions to share with us all;

Personal Development

To fulfill your Gods given purpose, you must be international about growth. Growth comes with a process called sacrifice. You have to learn how to manage your resources and invest in yourself. Attend Educative seminars, Buy & Read educative book, Network with valuable friends , Maximize the use of social media and the internet ,Learn how to maintain Valuable relationships and Develop good leadership skill.


80% of people in the community are students. Most over work ourselves and we allow fatigue to set in and take over the way act toward life. Self mastering, Time Management ,Emotional Intelligence and awareness etc. all these should be work on daily.

The use of social media

Over 1.2 billion people on social media platforms daily. You new friends, you promote yourself, new blog post etc. All these would help you grow, understand how social media operate, have a good online presence, create and upload good content, upload a good display picture, write a good and creative bio
For yourself on your timeline.

Thank you all !!!
I love you all!!!

Francis Odeyemi

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