Lies we tell ourselves


Actually I usually call back because my conscience won’t let me allow her use her airtime. This is why I value every of my friends, for them to always call to check up on me means they really care.


Yeah. A friend calls you and you both speak for a long time, not because they now work with MTN/GLO/AIRTEL/ETISALAT, but because they actually care about you.

Even if I fail to call my friends, at least once in a while, I send a text message.

I don’t ignore friendship. If you are my friend, you are my friend.


Me: (January 1st) I won’t spend on useless things again, I want to be saving :sunglasses:

January 5th: Recharge #1000 airtime Started calling useless people that I haven’t heard from for months and started gisting about rubbish

January 6th: Repeated the same thing.

January 7th: Call friends, Padi, lets comot today, went out and came back with blurred eyes

January 8th: Buying new game cd’s

January 10th: Call friends, Bobo, ema bo, lets roll dice and place a bet on Fifa. (Finally, end up losing)

January 11th: Lamenting on how I’m wasting money and promise to stop

January 15th—till only God knows : Take a bike, Bike man: Only you or make I carry another person? Me: Only me naw, na how much? Bike man: #200. Me: mtcheeew, let’s go jare

January 22th: Remembering that I wanted to be saving, but after checking account balance, there is nothing left to be saved, na after that i always start to dey make another vow not to spend without saving after getting another money. :sob::sob::sob::sob:


Do you keep a balance sheet or something? :joy::joy:.


When am less busy at work, let me do some editing on my blog probably a new blog post. but my fingers and keyboards becomes enemy, no show.




Decision: I won’t fall in love again, they are scum

Moments later: I will die without you…


Instagram is just epic. I’ll be like, “lemme just post this pics and leave” after posting you’ll see me checking my entire insta stories and making comments. :sweat:


This one touched my ligaments and tendons. :joy::joy:


When they are in charge of your mumu button :joy:




:joy::joy::joy::joy:… I don’t even miss him … I won’t be the first one to text or call him … 2 mins later … “ Hey babe :kissing_heart:


I tell you. :smile:


That’s my problem and that’s laziness…LOL


Ate four times between morning and afternoon…!!!
Me: “I wont eat dinner tonight, too much food”
Tonight: “lemme just eat small thing :roll_eyes::wink: against midnight”…

end up craving for - Rice, Chicken, Salad and Dessert :joy::joy:


Something light :smile:


i’m not even hungry


I get weak when I sight the number of clothes I have to wash on Saturdays. So I usually decide in my mind that I will try to wash what I wear each day after work. But after Lagos traffic deals with me, to even have a bathe is a struggle.


Hi Twinnie. :joy::joy: