Lies we tell ourselves


Seeing a lady i like and approaching her to talk to her. I’d be like Omo, I like that babe oo, no worry tomorrow dey, I go still see am. Till date, nothing. I will always postpone until I wee not see her again. I’m so bad at approaching ladies to talk to them.



I can relate. Thank God for drycleaners sometimes.


Hahahahaha. Love wahala


Lmao… Epic.


Maybe u should try to approach guys! :joy: let me be going :running_woman:t4::running_woman:t4::running_woman:t4:


Guys kwaaa?? Chaiii. Is this life? That’s how much you like me baa?? It’s you I’d start with, don’t worry. Well Well, it’s not that bad tho, lol.


Mine is “I will change” , “I will start acting as a CEO and love less so I don’t get hurt”… after a few days of being uptight, I loosen again.


You can’t teach a fish to fly…it is not it’s nature. Don’t change, just learn to manage it so that bad people don’t take advantage and spoil the chances for innocent ones in posterity.


You are evil, but we still love you like that. :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Pele @Hrmkaiye :smile:

@Hrmkaiye, I think you can approach a lady on a plain and very friendly basis first, you’ll be less nervous. But when you constantly have it in mind that you wanna date her and what if she rejects me, blah blah blah, you’ll be more nervous. I don’t know sha. Just saying :woman_shrugging:t5:


@Yeye, that’s what I do. I don’t approach a lady with a mind of dating her at first. Even at that sef, women matter tire me Jere. Lol


See this one :roll_eyes:


Lol. @evansakanno boss, it’s natural i guess. We can’t fight it. Human nature in us won’t allow some things to work.


Is woman that is your problem :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Nooooooooooooo @Monique dia. Na from Adam time una be problem sef. But mehn, of all things right now, una be the least of the problems some guys have sef. Lol…


Me at work today “ I’ll watch Just one Oprah Video on YouTube and go back to Work” … The devil is a Liar …


This one is on behalf of all bus conductors and drivers, the lies they tell themselves :joy::

Ojuelegba, Stadium, Barracks - 2 more chance
Onipan, Sabo, Yaba - 2 more chance
Agege - 2 more chance

Sometimes it’s just 2 people that are inside the bus when they say that.




Judy!!! Your words are always gbam… Those accolades I gave you are not enough… We should get you more!


I refuse to see myself through this tweet. :joy::joy: