Linux environment


Where are the Linux heads in the house? Let’s discuss our favourite distros and architectures.

Also packages. Best thing you’ve done with it (You can be anonymous because it can coba you o)

Problems you’re having with certain programs. Custom scripts writing.

from Kali to Mint to Ubuntu to Fedora. Everything


Linux mba :joy::joy:


I love using the the Kali distro. Offensive security are just the best. Started using them since backtrack 4. I also prefer using a live USB (security purposes).

Favourite tools
Metasploit framework + armitage

Wireshark still gives me sleepless nights


nọrọ n’otu ebe ooo




Yes sir :smirk:


Lol… That was the first thing that I thought of when I saw the topic.


My dear, I think I’m also lost. Let’s use :flashlight: and find ourselves biko.




I love Ubuntu, used it and Red hat.