LOL... Who did this?


Ehen @pretyprexy and @Drew08 una sabi jare :facepunch:t5: :fist:t5::facepunch:t5: #teamnakedargument. I’ll start pulling off my clothes and be like what is it you were saying again? I want to hear it :joy::joy::joy::joy:


Oga, take TomTom… When you finish, coman tell us if it works because its like you’re well schooled… :grin:


:rofl::rofl: At that point he goes “erm erm… Baby were we arguing? I can’t argue with you na”


:rofl::rofl: u garrit :joy::joy::joy:



It does. But some guys are very disconnected.



:grin::grin: Instead of them to see romantic stunt, they will think she’s stratching there. .:rofl::rofl:


It’s as if you people don’t know real argument. The way I wee look at you… U wee off cloth and find wrapper to cover your shame


:joy: :joy: :rofl: Oh Lord! @pretyprexy @Judy @Drew08 all of una don spoil finish. You people are mastering the act of weaponry. You want to use the ‘weapons’ knowing well that it would be full onslaught. Continue :grin: The Being above dey watch you on 5D


Anything wey make me pull clothe ehn! Sorry oh! I no get shame at all. I’ll even coman dangle dem boobs in ur face.
In fact anytime me and hubby are fighting I’ll be naked all through that day sef.
Cook naked,watch TV naked. When we have kids ehm we’ll continue in the room except of course the hubby is a troublesome man like @iamtosyne. I no want wahala husband biko.


:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: What na? Why that face? @evansakanno


:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: You know right?


He gave the weapons to us for plenty reasons na and this is one of them :rofl:


This is one of the recipes of a healthy marriage. Ride on sisteh


Preach on @evansakanno and @Judy We are solidly behind you both :joy:


LMAOO!!! God… I’m dead!!


Can’t wait to try this out.

I’ll report back to you guys if it worked.


Lmao! This reminded of my roommate back in school, that’ll cook indomie naked and say Kachie coman eat… Nne chop alone o… :joy::joy::joy::joy:


Report also if u chop slap