LOL... Who did this?


Na wa o…How many have I kept unholy in your face? Simple support you people cannor support


Father Father!!! You are such an elderly man.
Your wisdom with words is divine :rofl:


Oya oh! Supporter’s club of Zegist where are u pipu oh! Somebody needs support @pretyprexy @Aniekan @Drew08 @Mopelola_Ariyo @Kachie


Ahan babe savagery bawo?
Please na drop that title already. It haf do, tainqiu.


You’re so not serious tonight…lol




@evansakanno @evansakanno may you never lack in knowledge, it is just a waste of time when a real waist involved in the matter. May we continue to be waisted.



I cover your heart with the blood of Jesus…


:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: This is so funny… God knows… :joy::joy::joy::joy:


:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: You abi… :joy:


Lol! nah I will pass… I am not sure I can support @theunofficialomotayo he calls a woman’s special gifts “accessories”


Lord deliver your people from waist ooo…


Even God cannot answer this prayer


Have you heard how the uber rich call their very prized possessions ‘toys’ and/or ‘accessories’? Maybe now you get my drift…I’d have agreed if you called them “a woman’s prized possessions”, I don’t exactly see them as gifts :smirk:


I get but that’s for the people who consider women as objects.

That might work but not all women have these possessions to distract men so “gifts” is fair enough.


No…a woman’s breasts or back side are not what makes a woman.

Talking about objectifying a woman; If your man calls you honey or sugar (according to what you wrote above), I bet you’ll regard him as objectifying you.


I’ll call him same , it is mutual :blush::blush:


Wait o…it’s common sugar he’s calling you o and you don’t see him as objectifying you? Issokay


Nope he isn’t, if we are not comfortable calling certain names we might as well coin a mutual name.
In my opinion,that’s not objectifying that’s being witty and connecting well


:joy::joy: There’s nothing we won’t read about…

So its @pretyprexy wahala that started this? Okay… You pipu should continue…

For me, i think a woman’s body part is named any of the above based on the situation at that time…