Looking for co-founders for an online educational platform for learning programming targeted towards secondary school students in Nigeria


Hi All,
I am interested in starting an online platform for learning programming for secondary school students in Nigeria.
This is born out of my desire to see young people in Nigeria have the needed skill to make them ready for the future. I have started an initiative to provide equipment and training in programming for secondary school students but I think this initiative can really expand if we make a platform that can be accessed online and will need less number of instructors to put the students through.
I need people who are passionate about the same problem would like to help in fulfilling this dream.
I am not afraid of discussing this idea openly because the work is actually in the implementation. So if you are interested please leave a comment below and let us discuss openly and find a way to work together.



You can Dm me, I’m interested in the Idea(would love to listen to what you have in mind)
Or leave a message on messenger @Blessing Edem