Love without Regard

Have you ever loved someone just for their own sake? Zegist suggested I put this in Relationship, but naaaah!
This is Love. It is an Art one need to master.
There was a time long before we were born, when the stories of men were told by; how fiercely they fought, how honorably they lived, how hard they Fell in Love and how bravely they died.

But the greatest of these men died bravely fighting fiercely for Love.

This time is coming again!.


Guys, what’s your opinion to this?

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My dear, things ain’t the same as before, how many people can die for love in this contemporary days? If anyone insist on dieing for love human factor is there to talk him/her of this idea they’ll consider as foolish.


While I appreciate your literary prowess, I’m afraid, I must beg to differ here.

There has never been a time in history when men loved other men (no homo intended) for the sake of other men’s sake. History itself is a study of wars, treachery, violence, sex, murder, etc. Love from a humanist perspective is conditional, it almost always hinges on different conditions; money, ideology, blood ties, etc.

The first murder victim and perpetrator in the bible were brothers. So no, that “time” is never coming because human beings will always be human beings. Humanity is random and pointless bro.

Forgive me if I come out a bit cynical but in the real sense of what love is, only GOD actually loves.

Don’t forget your ancestors were a bunch of war mongers and slave traders. No love there.


Love comes in many shades and form.
There’s love for humanity, love for country, love for a purpose.
Do you feel dying protecting those you love is stupid?

I agree @fola . I don’t consider myself heroic enough to want to die for love.

Nah, I’d rather live for the person.


Dieing for love doesn’t help anything or anyone for that matter, it’s the way it is.

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I am not saying anyone should die oh!

Protecting anyone by dieing for them is stupid.

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The love that when you die, the people or whatever you love so much would still continue like you never existed???

biko, i’ll pass…


Hypothetically now, and for the sake of reckless imagination let’s say I happen to be your boo. Someone aims to shoot you, you didnt see the person but I did. So, I shielded you with my body and took the bullet in your place. Will you consider me a fool?

Yeah, I know I watch al ot of movies and I am an hopeless romantic, dont judge, just answer!


lol ghenghen, :grin:

I’m waiting to read reply/replies…

You have heard the Legends right ?
Achiles, Hector, Priam, Valentine, Lancelot, Fajuyi.

And how about Jesus(Why do you think we remember him)?

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I cannot die for anyone intentionally… Case closed!:joy:

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Did you do that with the intention of dieing for her or just protecting her?


:rofl::joy: This would be so nice of you, but in reality can you really take a bullet for me if i were your boo hypothetically. The truth is not everyone can sacrifice so much.

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Hypothetically, if you were my Bae and I am certain that this world is better off with you in it than I.
Then, my life will be a small price I will be willing to pay to give the world the chance to know you just like I have.

Offcourse, it was for the sole purpose of protecting her. Why will anyone want to die for the sake of death itself.

awwwww…Your real bae should read this…

How sweet!


You people should siddon and be deceiving yasefs… The only person i can die for will have to be my wife not bae and that is when the cast is die o. For my kids, I will do that without thinking…